Sunday, November 30, 2008

This week have been a very expensive week for me. I have bought 2 case of Enfagrow A+ in Isetan which is retailing at RM74.90. (there is 6 tins in a case)

Before that I have went to the e-Toys warehouse sales to buy toys for Keith and a birthday present for Nicole too.

Since Keith has always been fascinated to get onto the driver seat so I got him this

This one is definitely better than those MatchBox car toys

A bus with alphabets and phonics. To him this is another car toy.

This is the most expensive one, costing RM100, not sure if he likes this one or is he going to use the teacher as a joystick

Got him a table drawing board to get him interested in writing

And lastly this standing drawing board is for Nicole but now I got to figure out how to send this one back to her.

I have also bought a Vtech Floating Boat and got a free RC Helicopter from their lucky draw.

I guess from next few months I will have to be really thrifty and to spend as little as possible. I might have to even skip some of the things that I really needed, like getting a new pair of spectacles to replace my 3 years old glasses.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The revelation

It is high time I reveal it to all since my relationship is already beyond any help. I will refer back to my earlier post on 2nd June 2008 (Bad Day!)

I do not want to write this first part down but I really needed to remind myself of this incident to I will do it but I would not want to go into too much details, rather just vaguely mention it because I do not want to hurt anyone's feeling. I'll just mentioned the person as "A". I have always tried my very best in doing things to please "A" that I can, yet "A" is never seems happy. Everytime when things like this happened, the whole situation would looks as though I am always given the right to choose but I make the choice that is not in "A" favour then I am bound to get it badly..... mentally and physically too.... talk about abuse!!! (Doesn't this makes you think our of beloved country?)

I was just trying to teach "A" a lesson because I never liked being ordered and being bossed around (nobody does!) When I made my choice not offer my help to "A" because I wanted "A" to know what it takes for me to do the job. "A" tried to get the job done and was really unhappy about it. In the end when I tried to let "A" know that I faces the same helplessness when I am ordered to do the same job, I got battered!!!! and battered badly too!!!! Sigh! So much for a freedom of choice!!!!

Sad to say tht the A in the quote refers to Elaine, and when I say battered, she had slapped me so hard that my glasses flew off and punched me in the chest with all her might...... For those who might see this as a minor thing, she did this in the restaurant during business hours when it is half filled with people and also right in front of my mother. She kept punching me until my mother has to come over to stop her.

It is not that I cannot defend myself but I was afraid that my retaliation will cause her injury so I have to bear it. Instead of confronting her and make matter worse, I opted to run out of the restaurant and seeing her being so violent, I took Keith along with me. I was still being very patient and controlled then. After a few minutes, she chased after me like a mad woman, wailing and all, I still walk on ignoring her. Then she confronted me in front of Citrus Park and snatched Keith away from me. During the commotion, Keith was unhappy about her shouting at me, so he cried and I have to let go of him so that she would stop struggling. I hated it when she always uses Keith to threaten me.

I walked on leaving her and she walk back to the restaurant with Keith. I do not wish to go into detail of what she shouted, all I can say is, it is not nice things :( We argued but I kept my temper very well that day and avoided hitting her when she keep trying to coax me to...... I chose to walk away.

I was in dire need of a friend to talk to that day but I didn't call anyone up. I was really lucky that my mom and sis has helped me out that evening. I will stop here for now so that I can take my mind of it all for now.