Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Less Keith Pictures

We are taking less pictures of Keith recently because of quite a few reasons

  • Elaine felt that he looked much older now with no hair and had lost the cuteness too :P
  • We have got busy scouting for another car. We have decided to sell off our Honda City. After 22 months we have only run it for 15,000 KM (Indirectly we are using on an average of only 15KM per day) It is decided that we lose the car now and pay the loss than to keep paying RM10K+ on installment. We are indeed under-utilizing the car!
  • Keith is requiring more attention and thus harder for us to take care of him while taking pictures :P
Many of you might think that the first reason was absurd but we'll proof it with the following pictures of our new "tai ko" in the house

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Anxious Keith

I have mentioned in my previous post that Keith likes to scan the living room in the morning. Elaine seems to have found out that if you respond to his stare or coo he will look happily smiling but after a while he sill start his "demand" to be carried by shouting/crying out loud.

Elaine told me not to snap so much pictures of our "botak" Keith

I guess all babies/toddlers tend to be more active in the morning, even Nicole but she have improved a lot recently too, I hope I didn't say this too early. At night she is much more quiet, talk less, less active and easier to care for too.

His mummy said, "Look so small also know how to seduce people to carry him already."
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Today's note : Yesterday Johnny, Melinda, my eldest maternal aunt 大姨(Melinda's mum, also my "kai ma") their daughters, Juliana and Melissa, and Hoe Wah (Melinda's youngest brother) came to my restaurant. Hoe Wah has moved down to PJ and he will be staying in SS2. I heard that he will start working on the 1st June

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Keith is trying to turn himself

This have happened for quite a while already but Elaine manage to snap these pictures a day before Keith was a quarter years old :P

Normally Grandma would place Keith on the sofa in the living (on his big pillow) and he would either be sleeping or do his "air" swimming stunt. But recently he is starting to scan the room and when he sees Elaine, Grandma and I, he would stare at us and looked excited. He would even start to smile when we talk to him....... He would "sort of" laughed when we carry him. Whenever we carry him he would try to lift his head too.

Although his size and weight is considered normal but I do realise that most of the other babies who were only a few days older are much more bigger size than Keith is.

Look at him trying to turn himself
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He was so lazy that he took a nap sideways
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Friday, May 25, 2007

Keith's EBM Supply Abundant

I'll say that now we have quite a big supply of EBM in the fridge now. Elaine have managed to fill up almost the whole freezer compartment with 46 bags of 6oz (Enough to last Keith for 2 weeks). Our problem now is we still have excess of 1-2 bags to freeze daily so indirectly the supply will keep on increasing and we are already out of space in the freezer.

Look at all the liquid gold
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In fact I think Elaine is doing a rather good job in keeping up to Keith's demand for BM because his taking is still at 3oz but at shorter interval (1.5-2 hours) Keith just turned 3 months old yesterday and we are already getting ready with the "M" size disposable stocks. She deserves all the credit :) All I did was just to wash down the pump and bottle, and packing the EBM to the bags for freezing.

Then we have this small clown, who would imitate what Elaine does with a container, acting as though she was so busy expressing then feeding it to her teddy bear :P
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Grandma couldn't take the picture but Elaine manage to take it down.

P/S - Anyone out there whom know how to install the PPP Tools code into blogspot? Please help me! I couldn't seem to be able to get it to work :(

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keith's First Hair Cut

Actually it is more like his first bald head than a hair cut :P

He really gave us a big surprise because he was rather surpirisingly very easy to handle during his haircut and his jab. Not that he was totally easy because he did cry quite a bit yesterday too (a little more than usual), like when we put him on the weighing machine (he was unhappy because he was still sleeping then), for his diaper change because he pooped twice and for his milk. Elaine was rather pleased because she managed to direct feed Keith today and this is also the first time we didn't use powder during our outing. (Btw, we were rather puzzled because the powder somehow got black stuffs in it and we wondered how it got contaminated)

Keith's hair cut cost RM10 at the Indian Barber shop in OUG (next to Ah Loy) The guy really knew what he was doing and he was being very careful. And we were all very happy with his service because Keith was 100% unhurt in the process.

Initially I was the one whom was supposed to hold him down but I knew that he was more attached to his grandma so I requested her to carry him instead. During this time Elaine was in the car waiting because she told us that she couldn't bear to see her baby kena torture wor. Anyway she got scared because her BIL told her that the barbers uses the knife (that they use to shave men's beard/moustache) to shave baby's head. I dunno why she believe his story while I tried to convince her that they use the electrical shavers but I think she have no confidence in me gwa! Back to Keith, Nicole and the maid sat on the chair next to Grandma and Keith. Nicole did looked a little scared. I stood by the side prepared to distract him in case of any struggle/cry. Since he was ok so I took some pics lo.

As for his Paed visit, the doctor comment on Keith's Cradle Cap, his rashes on his hands and legs (possibly due to allergy so doctor suggested to go 100% on BM). Keith
gave the doctor and the nurse a long stare and he did cry out for 2-3 second when the doctor gave him his jab but he was quiet almost immediately.

His latest Bio-stats
Weight: 5.45kg
Height: 60.5cm
OHC: 39.5cm

Before his hair cut
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During the cut
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The shot after the hair cut and his shower
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View from the side
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The cover up (But we took it off after an hour)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keith The Hand Eater

I realised that Keith is beginning to like to put both his hands into his mouth at increased frequency, thus we have to end up binding him up again. Today we will be taking him for his hair cut, his 3rd month jabs, to take his MyKid

Grandma kept insisting that she give him those Pearl Powder before we take him for his jabs. Well, got to respect them although I don't like the idea but she is Keith's babysitter so we might as well go along with her.

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And I might as well leak a bit of info regarding my headache here too. I'll be leaving the restaurant, meaning I will no longer be a partner/worker of the restaurant after the end of this month. I'll pass out more details as I deem fit because right now I have many things to arrange for. I have already decided what I am gonna do but will reveal it as it is confirmed first. As for the reason why I am leaving the restaurant, I'd like to keep it to myself first.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Going to Ipoh again tonight (part II)

Seems like there is many (part II)s recently in my blog, huh?

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Well this is how would 72cubes of "chou dau fu" looks like the tofu, which I transported to Ipoh for my sis on Thursday night. Phew! my bonnet smells like ...... $#1T

Anyway my BIL bought it for me and, as soon as he brought it to the kitchen, one of our staff shouted

The staff: "WHAT IS THAT SMELL!!!!! SMELLS LIKE $#1T!!!!!"
Luckily that time was the slow period in the restaurant.
My SIL: "It's only Chou Dau Fu la"
The staff: "How come you people put something that smells as awful as that into your b1@rdy mouth one?"
Hahahaha....... he was very shock at the number of tofu we bought in total - 100 cubes :)

Reached Ipoh at about 1am and we moved stuffs from my sis's MPV, a Chevy Nabira to my small City, luckily mine have the ultra seat so we manage to squeeze in more stuffs on the passenger side as the bonnet was totally full. We reached home at about 3.30am with Keith and Nicole slept all the way. As soon as we arrive Keith was already crying for his milk. But when Elaine fed him his bottle he wouldn't want to take it. Now Elaine is scared that Keith is no longer attached to her, guess he is more attached to grandma.

I also notice that Nicole is a little more quiet (but she still shouts once in a while!) But I do realise that she is also responding more to my resquests too.

This is how our boy looked like the next day.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
We have decided to shave his head this coming Tuesday!!!!!

Also during this preiod of time, I am truly thankful for all the support I got from Elaine, my mum, my sis, Melinda and my uncle(舅父) and his wife(舅母) and also those whom have help me indirectly. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me, in this time of such desperation.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Going to Ipoh again tonight

Well we've all decided to drive down to Ipoh again but this time we're not doing a restock but driving the gang home instead.

The reason why we made this decision so suddenly is because

  • My sis's MPV is not in a real good condition
  • I will not be able to do it on this weekend
  • Last and not least I was able to buy "chow toufu" today. Did I tell you that grandma bought 80 cubes when she returned to Penang and now we are buying another 80 cubes so that my sis can distribute it when she returns :P
I will update more of this trip on my later post. Sorry for the short post but recently my life really sucks and I might be making a very BIG decision soon :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Grandma's check up today

Well grandma went to the hospital today for the follow up visit after her blood taking for tests. Her BP is not that great and are on the high side so she will have to care about it. Good news is Keith is coming back with the rest of the gang this weekend...... Nowadays whenever I call grandma, I can hear him on gooing on the other end while I am talking to grandma.

Recently there is 2 major problems happening in my life. One is my sis related and the other is mine. Well some of you might have heard about it..... yup the rumour is in fact true but I might reveal it later on after everything cools down. But for now I might just wanna lay low for a while :( Too many things are happening at the same time.

All I can say now is that I am truly lucky to have my family support :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gonna restock Keith's BM tonight (part II)

This is to briefly post what happened this morning

The stocks were filled into 2 ice containers because we have 43 bags of 6oz to transport. We were only able to start our trip at about half past midnight because we couldn't close earlier as there were still customers coming in. (Pstt! Don't tell the cops that we ate while driving because we didn't have our dinner yet.)
Reached Ipoh at about 2.45 am. While we were busy moving grandma's stuff from my sis's car into mine and Keith's stuff into my sis's. Elaine got busy with Keith :P Those who went to Ipoh with my sis is Nicole, her father, maid, grandma and of course our Keith.

Nicole was her usual style with the cool type attitude (she is always like that when she is about to go to sleep) and kept clinging on to her father.
Upon my observation, Keith definitely have grown. He is putting both his hands into his mouth (not sure whether should we continue on swaddle him) and Elaine kept scolding him, "Notty boy, mummy beat beat! Dun put in your mouth, notty boy!" (I wonder if he understands her :P)
He is also seems to be gooing more and is even responding to out small talks with him and sometimes with a smile too. He seems to be able to hold his head much more steady now. (Felt that when I carried him)

Though we were rather sad to have to start our return journey, we have to because Elaine and I still have to work the next day. At about 3..30am we left Ipoh and reached home at about 6am because I have to stop a couple of times to refresh my sleepy mind :P

So sorry due to time constrain and poor lighting we were not able to take any pictures.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Restock Keith's BM tonight

Well something came up in the family so I might just leave short blogs or blog less. Buy here I'd like to wish my mum, my wife, my sis and all mummy readers,

"Happy Mother's Day"

Tonight I would be driving down to Ipoh to meet up with my sis and pass her the EBM stocks Elaine have done this week.
This time my mum gave me a very valuable advise...... she commented it is better to freeze the BM in 6oz instead of 3oz because she finds it easier to pour it out to 2 small bottles instead of 1 bottle each packet. So that per feeding there is one for Keith and another in the warmer, in case Keith needed more. According to grandma, with the 3oz packs she would have to open 2 at a time and a little harder to adjust if Keith wanted to take more

With the packets much more full. I can make it stand in a plastic container and let it freeze into a tube
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I think using a twist wire is better because it will make it easier for Grandma to untie it, instead of cutting it since it is much more full.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Now I am putting 5 bags of 6oz for a day, meaning there is extra already.
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Friday, May 11, 2007

My Bagpiper Friends

Well just as I googled my name and I thought I might as well search for some other names as well. Normally I did google their names but nothing came up, but yesterday was different....... I found two of my best buddies whom have been in the school band since primary school. I totally lost contact with the SXI COPAD members for almost as long as I have been in KL. I am truly shock by the power of internet! As long as the person is active or even mentioned on the internet....... the person is findable :)

J could be found because he left some messages in a guestbooks, like the Farquhar Street Penang Malaysia and he included his e-mail address. And ECG was name was mentioned in the Diocese of Penang and his handphone number was mentioned.

I am truly glad to have found you guys and here I am gonna post up some pictures from our past glorious moment.

I couldn't find my Standard 2 picture so I scanned the one that I have, the Standard 6 picture. I am standing between J and ECG
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

The picture of the bagpipers during the 1991 Music Camp held at the Brother's Bungalow in Penang Hill
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
And of course all of us during our practise
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

This was taken during our school sports day in 1991, we were doing the formation.
(I think they have changed the uniform now)
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

And this is the very last time I had the bagpipe at the official opening of St Xavier's Primary. Did you see that we were still guided by the same advisor? Guess our music playing started and ended with this great man, Mr Louis Barbosa.
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Chinese Name

I've got a rather special thing to blog today. When I was googling for Keith's name and tried to search if there is anyone by the same name. Out of fun I google mine as well and you know what I found......? I found my friend :) Yup I found my friend by googling my name.

I think most of you realise that I have not been using my Chinese name since I started working, other than official matters. Not that I do not like my Chinese name nor is it hard to remember but rather I have had someone whom is sharing the same name as me........ in fact our name on our IC is totally identical

By the way we were born in the same year and took our SPM in the same year too. Best part of all is we were both from Penang too. You must be curious whom this person is right....... well the thing that made matter more complicated is that person is a female.

The name that we both shared is Chin Wai Boon

Funny thing is I really don't understand how our name could have been spelt the same manner.

  • Chin : I am Hakka and she is Cantonese but I dunno how we can share the same surname because normally Cantonese are "Chan"
  • Wai : This is the pinyin, since my mum is Cantonese
  • Boon : This is the Hokkien pinyin. Normally Cantonese would use "Man"/"Mun" instead

陳偉文 is my name in Chinese character
陳慧文 is Eliza's

As I didn't have any photo of her in hand, this is my prove that this person exist (for those whom doubt me)
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

It is not something that happens everyday but I doubt you would like it to happen even once like my case.

Something happened about 15 years ago, Eliza lost her wallet and the founder called me instead of Eliza because she searched through her wallet for a contact number hoping to call the owner and she found a match between her IC name with a name in her phone book. The founder was shock to have a guy answering the call (me-lah) and I have to show her my IC to prove to her, when I went to pick up the wallet to return to Eliza, that I am in fact having the same name as the owner :P
The saddest thing is that I have lost contacts with many of my Penangite friends..... I did try to e-mail Eliza but I only got one reply inquiring whom am I then no more news. Sigh!

The only thing that gave us our difference was Eliza for her and Peter for me. Peter was what my mum used to call me since small, other than "Wai Mun". Peter is used more like a nickname to me. When I wanted to put my boy name Keith in his IC, just like my sis, Nicole and the rest, my in-laws gave me a very funny comment:
"What if he doesn't like the name Keith when he grows up?"

In fact I got this comment quite often too. It really made me feel uneasy. I don't want my boy to be Tom yesterday, Dick today and Harry tomorrow :rolleyes: And on a later part I dunno what is my boy's name because I am not updated :P Funny thing is children are given their names by their parents, right? Personally I think if they want to change any names...... Let it be their children's name that they change.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another Photographer (part II)

Here comes the second part regarding grandma as a photographer for her grandchildren. Seems like grandma is able to seize the moment to capture Keith's smiles.

By the way Keith is doing alright now and in fact he is baby talking to grandma too :P

Elaine and I have decided that we will scout around for a good deal on a Motorola v3x for grandma. (Elaine's sister and BIL is using it and honestly other than their buggy/funny menu system..... it is a great phone. It is sporting a built in graphic card and have a super makro function as well as a 2.0 MP camera with the option of adding t-flash card for added memory and best of all it is equipped with a crystal clear frontal cam for a great video conferencing} best part of all is the price for the AP set is RM680 and the NK 7260 can trade in for RM150.
Do I sound like I am advertising the phone? If I am, well, I am sorry to mislead you all into believing me. Honestly other than the good points, it does comes with an exceptionally horrible navigation setup as well as a Bluetooth that kept bugging you to grant access eventhough the other device is paired!!!! Hahahaaa..... this problem also occur with the original PC software that came with the phone. Worst of all is you cannot change the interface with a skin - something like a theme in other phones. If you do that with a third party software then you had voided the warranty.
What am I talking about here? I also dunno la...... just a little out of my mind. Too tired, gwa.

The most important part of all is....... grandma seems to be in a better mood knowing that we intend to upgrade her phone (or was it because Keith is doing better now) to something that have a better camera, play MP3, MV and the memory can be added to the max.

Anyway this is some pictures of Keith I got off grandma's phone.
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Keith Going to Penang for the first time (part II)

Well all is well for now, I just called Grandma at noon and she told me that after midnight took another 2 more bottles and just had 2 more this morning and he is continuing is baby sleep. I suspect Keith is having a "travel/motion sickness" because of the distance traveled.

Anyway I was already getting ready to go to Penang tonight if the need arises because as usual, my day off is Tuesday.

Here I'll take this opportunity to show you all some pictures we have taken before Keith leave KL

This is the picture I snap while mummy is feeding Keith, at that time Grandma, my sis, Auntie Priscilla and Nicole went out for their breakfast.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I like this picture because it looked rather funny...... Did you realise that only the adults were smiling while the children were not too happy.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Mummy was carrying him but she told me to take her out because she looked rather tired wor
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Keith Going to Penang for the first time

This is the first time our 2 month old Keith is leaving KL separated from his parents and going to Penang for the first time to accompany grandma, whom is babysitting him, for her medical check-up.
They left about 2pm and arrived there at about 6.

I just received a call from grandma at 9pm informing me that Keith was crying and wouldn't want to take his milk. If this continues on we would probably be bringing him back to KL :(
Grandma told Elaine that his crying is much more worse than his previous recorded one and he is recognising the place of stay (probably he didn't like to stay at my sis's place) It really breaks Elaine and my heart to hear from Grandma of his cryings.

Elaine is suggesting her mum to care for Keith (Ouch! this is gonna hurt a lot.......) not that she is not good it is the handling that I am scared of...... she is really ROUGH with babies. Elaine told me before that her mum is not able to be extra careful with Keith because she is used to Yong Jin whom is born a BIG baby wor!

So either grandma would have to go to HUMKL or I would be seeking for a babysitter.

By midnight he was only taking 2 oz after a 4-hour interval. This is horrifying as Keith have been a rather easy to care for baby and never gave problem like this before.

Bad Luck Day

On Friday Elaine's Avent Isis Pump gave her some problem when she was expressing. The white valve gave way after a few pumps, instead of the usual upside down valve it popped in the the chamber instead causing Elaine having to dismantle the whole thing and fix it back. If it happened once or twice it is still ok but it became a nightmare when the thing happens every 2-3 pumps :(

Upon reaching home I tried to search for the root of the problem by googling but then on MSN Messenger, I saw Michelle was online so I decided to consult her instead. After a few questions and answering we concluded that the white valve (the "g" part - refer to illustration below) it the culprit and she gave me some numbers to call tomorrow. My next headache is the next day is Saturday!
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I called the numbers I was given in the BF forum and the KL distributor, Kinderdijk number (03-62032336/7/9) but no one was picking up the phone so I called the salesperson, Chui Fong (019-4481669) and she told me to call her office (04-2834339), she also informed me that her office will close at 2pm. A lady, Miss Chin picked up the line, after I told her what I was looking for she told me that they are out of the white valve spare parts but she can take one out of the package for me since it is urgent. And the price is RM9.90, quite reasonable if you consider some brands might have to buy a whole new one :P I told her I will get back to her as soon as I can get someone to pick it up.

Immediately I called my sis but she told me that she was already halfway coming down to KL. In the end I decided to buy a whole new set from Parkson for RM219.90 because I didn't want Elaine to face further frustration of the popping valve. As soon as I took out the package Elaine took the spare part packet to show her sister and was told that perhaps that is a new packing and older ones don't have :rolleyes:

My next bad luck is that this morning she came back with the spare parts packet and said she found it in the store room wor :P Now I am pondering should I return the set I had bought, I have only took out the white valve from the new set

Later I called the Ice Cream Shop, that I have mentioned in my earlier post, to inquire of their opening time but the person on the other line told me that they will not be open until Monday because they are having a 'pak si' (white things - funeral) Ouch! now how am I suppose to pack without having the EBM thawing...... I am now hoping that ice and a Coleman is good enough.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Young Photographer (part II)

This is the second part to this

Nowadays when I take Keith's picture, Nicole would hold onto grandma's phone the NK7260 (Now she wants to use what we adults use). As I turned around to take her pictures she will pretend as though she wasn't doing anything because she was afraid that I would scold her. But I manage to snap this picture with my back facing her :P

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

At least now she is much more behaving and obeying order. Next is teaching her to understand how to make the right decision instead of just nodding her head to whatever we ask of her

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Low Level on Breast Milk Stock

Well my sis will be coming this weekend to take Grandma, Nicole, Keith and the maid back to Penang. As mentioned before, Grandma will be going for her check up.

Initially I was told that her return would only be for a week but now the surprise was that it will be for 2 weeks as she will be there to take her blood sample on 9th May and returning to see the doctor on the 16th. So with this late info Elaine was caught off guard because all the while she was only thinking of stocking up for 1 week...... till now we have a 5 days stock (8 packets of 3oz per day is the best we can manage to allocate for Keith) and we are able to keep 4 packets of 3 oz daily and giving the rest to Keith for his daily feed. He is already on 2-3 feeds of Enfa on supplement. If everything goes as planned then we will be having a 7 days stock by the time my sis leaves on Sunday noon.

This is the stock right now. Thanks to jazzmint whom was so kind and have given to us some of her plastic bags to keep the EBM in.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Now we are rather lost on what to do because Keith is a little reluctant to take powder milk now. Even if he is willing to take it down but it will take us quite awhile cooing him because he will be whining and keep pushing it out :(

The is a possibility that I might have to travel to Penang on 15th to restock. And my sis did suggest her friend to take it back to Penang for us and I hope she can give me the answer by tomorrow, which she promised me, so that I can make some arrangements.

Also do want to leave a note for those on the lookout for dry ice (frozen/solid carbon dioxide)

I will be getting it from
Koh Hew Ice Cream
No 125, Jalan SS9A/1
SS9A (Sungai Way),
47300 PJ
Tel: 03-78746020

I would strongly suggest them because they open on Sundays too and their price is RM5/kg, that is the same as MOX selling to small quantity consumers like me :P

Another thank you to jazzmint for reminding me to insulate the frozen EBM with newspaper :D She have been a very good teacher, guiding us on the matter. She have vast experience as she had BF her 2 kids and quite a number of friends (online/offline) whom BF too