Monday, April 30, 2007

My Alma Mater

As I have mentioned before that I am scanning all the old pictures of mine and Elaine. I went thru all those pictures during my schooling days and it struck me that I googled for it to see if there is any old Xaverians out there. You know what I found?

Well I have actually found my alma mater's website :) To all male cousins, relatives and friend do check your alma mater's website
St Xavier's Institution This is the only place I been for my Primary and Secondary years. Yup then the Primary School was still at Farquhar St (now it has moved to Ayer Itam, I was there for the official opening in 1992)
Free Image Hosting at

And SXI is also featured on Wikipedia

Not forgetting our female cousins and relatives....... I found your alma mater too :P
Convent Light Street
Which by the way is on the opposite side of the road from SXI. (I know this is a bit lebih but this is for the benefit of those whom didn't know la)
Free Image Hosting at

By the way, I have also found a rather depressing news...... Most of you might have known that I was then a member of the marching band (SXI COPAD - Corp of Pipes and Drums) but how many of you have known that I used to be a member of the SXI BSS (Buddhist Students' Society)?
The sad new is the BSS advisor teacher, Ms Khaw Siew Tuan have passed away in 1999 and I am totally not in the know of it!!!! I only got to know of it from this tribute to her. I am so sad that I have been so separated from Penang. Counting back the years, I have been in KL for almost 11 years now.

Traditionally, my relatives and I were sent to the kindergarten in CLS. I have just found out that the place used to be a Baby House, a place where the Sisters care for babies, whom were left unwanted at the convent, until 6 years old when they will be sent to the orphanage.

I thought I have learnt much of my school but reading through the history, I guess I have much more to read and know as well as to refresh my rusting brain. You all must be wondering why this old fella talking about his school pulak. Well, tell you the truth, I would have done worse than what I have now if not for my alma mater.

Pst! Did you all know that I only got to learn what alma mater meant from my school rally. Well all Old Xaverians the school rally, I copied from Wikipedia (Old Xaverian, now I definitely feel old now!)

All through our college a voice is resounding,
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call,
Hearken you all for the trumpet is sounding,
Your mater's proclaiming her watchwords to all

Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due,
All that is vile reject,
Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true,

Labour will conquer your motto still bearing,
Forward with courage in ways that are just,
True to your standard, be doing and daring,
As faithful Xaverians in Heaven your trust

Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due,
All that is vile reject,
Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true!

Me how to sing leh?!!! Me always either blowing the flute or the bagpipe on our Monday assemblies..... kakakaaaaa always get the special treatment lo

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Keith Day Out

This is more like a continuation of what happened after Keith's Longest Cry. And I am including the pictures I took that day after the feeding and diaper change on the bench at Jusco.(FYI, I am yet to receive a reply nor an acknowledgement from Jusco, I guess this complaint is falling on a deaf ear)

Back to our topic today, as you can see in the 2nd video, Keith was rather calm and he didn't move that much so Elaine and I went busy snapping his pictures. In fact I think he looked curious on what we were doing. :P Also you can see in the picture that he is also showing us his mischevious look. Grandma also told us that Keith is beginning to baby talk a bit too as we talk to him. But we were really shocked on how easy he was that night. Next Yuesday would be his last trip out with us because he will be going to Penang and stay at my sis's place. Grandma is going for her blood test and check up. Not that I do not want to bring her record to KL but I felt the queue in KL is a little too long for her. Anyway I might be bringing her to HUMKL (Hospital Universiti Malaya, KL) soon so that in case of emergency there is somewhere that has her record and since HUMKL is much more closer to my place than the GH or HUKM.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Elaine's Daily Pills

I have been thinking the whole day what to post up on my blog and it seems like I have nothing much to post today. Nah I was just pulling you legs. I was just being quite a bit busy trying to scan the old pictures and touching up in Photoshop. I will try to clear up all of my own pictures before starting to borrow others albums.

Today I will show you all what Elaine takes daily.It consist of

  • (1) Appeton Natal Care Caplet-once in 2 days interval
  • (1) Caltrate Calcium 600mg
  • (1) Vitamin C 1000mg
  • (2) Salmon Oil 1000mg
  • (6) Evening Primrose Oil 500mg
  • (1) Royal Jelly- Thanks to jazzmint for reminding me of this in the forum.
Can you believe it that I have actually bought this earlier but kept it till jazz reminded me **btw both her kids are sick, I hope they will have a speedy recovery*

That is quite a mouthful for Elaine to take everyday.... but she is rather kiasu that she might not be able to provide a more nutritious BM for Keith. If she feels lag in taking it, I will just have to remind her that it is for Keith then she will surely take them :P She is such a wonderful mum, huh?

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
I put the 10sen there on purpose so that the pills sizes would be proportioned.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Two Month Old

On Tuesday, we have went to TDMC to have your second month dose. It was Dr Eric Lee whom gave you your jab today. What really surprised mum and me was that you stopped crying as we used the rattle again. But you did whimper quite a bit that day. But you did cry a bit later on at home. I guess the jab could have hurt you quite a bit. I did took the video and you would probably wonder why your dad was recording it instead of cuddling you, well I did carry you as soon as I off the camera. In fact that is your longest cry because your cries had never lasted more than 2 minutes, even during birth you hardly cry until the nurse have to hit you on your footsole. I wonder why mummy and grandma keep slapping you on your butt when that is the place that would hurt most after the jab. And it really breaks our heart to see you cry like the way you did in the video.

In fact you were very calm again after that (during our outing) I was afraid of taking you on our outing because I feared that you would feel uneasy. But look at how 'kay poh' you were on your surroundings.

Things I observed about you in this two months:
You are now much more patient taking your milk and you like to doze off while taking it.
You are now able to follow moving objects with your eyes and head too.
You sleeps better on the rocking cradle (Luckily there is a thing called an automatic rocker) And you have abandoned your baby cot.
You like to stretch a lot. So much that it looks like you are trying to wriggle out of your pillow.
You like BM more and are much more fussy with formula.
Your cries are for milk and whines are either for milk, diaper change or sleep.
You dislike the maid, even won't take your milk when Aunty Priscilla tried to feed you

Your Vital-Stats:
Weight: 5.1kg
Height: 58cm
Head Circumference: 38cm

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Chin Family

Well I manage to scan some of my 4-5 months old picture (but B&W) and Elaine's 1 years old picture, put along with Keith's picture that I used in my avatar :P
I wonder why mine have to be in B&W? Elaine's and mine was taken in a photographing studio so I guess the pictures were more professionally taken. Keith might have to wait a bit more before we can go studio with him :P

I did one with all of us in B&W but Elaine was not happy about it. Anyway I did that only for comparison and I am only posting theirs in colour and mine in B&W.

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
Although I was born and grew up in Penang and Elaine was born in Kluang, Johor, coincidentally all these pictures were actually taken in KL

Sigh! Will have to wait for my mum and sister to send me their album so that I can scan it all into jpgs for safekeeping

P/S - Did you all realise that I chose Keith's picture which he struck the same pose as mine :P

Males NOT Allowed?!!!!

Yesterday we went to MidValley to buy some baby stuffs, most of you would have known that Jusco is offering their J Card Privilege Shopping Day (20-29th April)
We were at the second floor. Everything was rather fine until Keith started whining, while grandma, Nicole and the maid was in the children gaming place and Elaine was busy somewhere looking at baby stuffs. The first thought that came to me is to go to their baby's room, in case Keith needed a diaper change.

To my surprise I saw this on stuck on the wall of the Baby's room:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
Of course I took this from the outside la

In the end I have to change Keith's diapers and fed him on the bench because I dare not go into the Baby's room. I don't wanna my day having to go to the police station and being accused of going to where I am not allowed to because with this notice there is possibility that I could be charged as a Peeping Tom with my boy as an excuse to enter!!!!

Elaine said I should have just ignored the notice, she even laughed me for not going in there because of abiding to the notice posted and she told me that they have hot water dispensers in there too **why can't she understand the tough situation I was in?**

I just wonder why Jusco, being the leading departmental store company, didn't prepare at least one Baby's Room for fathers or making one of those Baby's room accessible to fathers on one floor only. I don't think father's mind going to that floor rather than doing it in the open or, in my case, on the bench **sweat** And if breastfeeding is the the reason to ban all males then I think perhaps they should have separate feeding rooms instead of taking such a drastic banning of males!

I really take pity all those single fathers, widower fathers, househusbands or "those having to care for the baby, while the wife can have a peace of mind shopping" fathers!!!! Has society changed or is it only me and my imaginations?????

P/S - I have written an e-mail to their customer service. Let's see what they have to say about this :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Posting of Birthday Greetings

Well here I'd like to take this opportunity to wish someone a Happy Belated Birthday, which happened to be on the 22nd April. I think his birthday is the only birthday I know by hard amongst all my cousins. Probably because we always have to fight to see who is the elder cousin since we were born in the same year. Please direct him to my blog. And if he wanted this picture I have scanned from my collection, please contact me.

This picture is taken somewhat close to 30 years ago, and by who???? (I dunno who la) and the location was in front of the orang utan cage in Botanical Garden (Kebun Bunga) in Penang. At that time it was occupied by a female orang utan.(If I am not mistaken and I also wanted to ask the photographer why the orang utan is not in the picture leh?) Then the whole botanical was filled with monkeys and you will not be fined for feeding them (I'm not sure how is it now, haven't been there for more than 10 years already lo) ** Also an advise to those whom plan to go there: Don't tease the monkeys excessively, though they might look tame but they may turn aggressive, especially snatching from small children, some even dare to chase after adults **

There was quite a few pictures that was taken but I only scanned this one because this is one of the very few pictures I have taken with him. My mum and sis is still keeping their share of pictures so I will have to wait for them to bring it to me to scan it.

Happy Birthday to you!

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

At least now both your sons are way older than my Keith :P
Also my apologies to all my other cousins for not keeping track of all your birthdays. I can start it now if you can e-mail it to me :)

And not forgeting to wish more "Happy Birthday"
to my sis on the 19th April
to Khai Kong on the 4th April (along with Lay Chin, Alvin and Fabian, used to be the 4 on 4th of April)
to Wai Kueen on the 26nd April

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Photographer

I'd like to present to you all the next photographer in my place and she is my mum. Yup, grandma it is.....

Before Chinese New Year, Nicole had grandma's SE T610 badly scratched so Elaine gave grandma her NK7260 to use. I have tried to send grandma's favourite song over to the Nokia but it was not able to play **Funny Nokia always got this compatibility problem :P** As I couldn't find time to do it at home I told grandma to use the T610 first while I take the 7260 to work and to do the transfer and backup whenever I can find the time **Yup, same goes for my blogging..... I have my laptop next to me at work, stealing a minute here and there to surf and blog**

Somehow along the way my sis borrow grandma's T610 and charger. Yesterday Priscilla (my cousin, known as Foong Leng to most) brought the charger back to grandma (my sis had packed it back to Penang on her the last trip here) We have it charged overnight and this morning we exchanged phones so that I can take the 7260 with me, while grandma will have to use the T610 for the day.

This is what I have found in her phone :)

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Naked Keith (Bath time)

Nowadays he loves his baths. Nothing calms him more than his daily twice baths :) Sometimes he even seems to be whining for it too

We manage to snap two pictures of him to show you. Thanks to Elaine's superb photography technique...... we can post it here :)

Edited: Funny why whom hosted my first picture deleted the photo below, now hosted by ImageShack

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

You can see how neatly grandma's hand blocks his cuckoo (no censoring required here.... hahahhaaa!!!!!) I wonder how she did it. She only too 2 shots and both were as shown....... Perfect!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Required Disclosure

Please be advised that I would like to valid this policy from 21 April 2007<br /><br />This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. If you have any questions, do feel free to drop me an e-mail at<br />In this blog I do accepts various forms of monetary compensations in the form of advertising, sponsorship, insertions or any other forms that is available.<br /><br />These post could possibly be influenced by the requirement of the sponsors, be it in content, topics or posts made in this blog. These content, space or post may not always be clearly identified.<br /><br />Please be informed that my blog would possibly contain content which might present a conflict of interest and these content also may not always be identified.<br /><br />I am compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though I do receive compensation for my posts, I would always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products whenever allowed.

Sleeping while feeding

Whenever Keith is about to fall asleep he tends to whine for his milk. Normally he will take about 1/2 to 1 oz and he will fall sound asleep after that. I thought I knew him well enough :P But no he have more tricks under his sleeves. Sometimes when I feed his early morning milk, he would stop feeding and just suck once a while on the bottle or even push it out of his mouth...... there reason for this is he needed his diaper change or he just wanted to sleep. Sometimes he does that because the feeder is not talking to him. He would even whine if the feeder is talking to another person while he is feeding, rather selfish of him. One more thing, according to grandma, he dislikes the maid..... he would cry/whine if she comes near him, even if she looks at him!!! So small already starting to pick on people!
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Does anyone notice that you can no longer add your own url into the Slides? Or is it just me?!!!! Does this mean that I have to double the upload to two places?

**I just did my first PPP :) **

Friday, April 20, 2007

Back to my boy, Keith

Well I think I have done enough advertisement for my restaurant :P (at least I have left something for the record too)

This is the pictures of Keith in his new carrier car seat, which we bought because it is an add-on to the stroller. He seems rather ok with it and for us it is definitely a winner because we can avoid moving him to/from the stroller (since we can just plug it into the stroller), no need to have someone to carry him in the car (less stress for mummy), when the carrier is fixed onto the stroller he will be facing us so we can see him more clearly and he can sleep better too during trips (the shade is a plus because Keith dislikes bright lights)

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Well, I know that this is not a posh cradle but I don't think that I should spend on those branded ones. Most importantly is this didn't burn a hole in my wallet :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet Deli Station 想食啲 (part II)

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the compliments :)

I will start off by refering to one of the comments on the earlier post

Thanks to the comment by vien regarding parking problem here. I will share with you all on where to park your cars if you could not find a spot :)
The first option would be parking into the Central Hypermarket basement and they charge RM0.50/hour (the same rate as parking on the roadside and they close at 10pm) and you are entitle for a 2 hour free parking if you purchase anything above RM20 from Central Hypermarket (sometimes they offer stuffs cheaper than others) But for this option you might have to walk a bit and also smelly too (for some) because of the concept of the building....... They have stalls selling vegetables, fruits, meat and even fish! To some it might look a bit rundown too :(
Second option is parking a flat fee of RM2 open parking also owned by Lucky Plaza (Central) to enter this parking will be the one just before the building itself (But be sure to check the trees for birds, if you are directed to park under one - I don't think you wanna go back to a car full of bird poo)
Other than that it will be the Parkson (Giant and Citrus Park is also located there)
Parking here is definitely a big problem, if you are able to get one then you are very lucky. Normally the road got jammed up because of double parking and cars slowing down to look for a parking space. Even if you did manage to find a place, sometimes you get cars double parking next to you and will have you honking your horn for an hour when you wanna leave :P

Now back to the next introduction of the rice, noodle and drinks variety.
(The following are 16 thumbnail pictures of each category)

Rice Choices:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Noodle Choice:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Drinks Choices:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further details.....

So sorry duckie my Penang relatives also asked me of the same thing :( As for opening a branch, it is not an easy task. Furthermore, we are short-staffed because all the food and beverages are prepared by the sifus themselves.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sweet Deli Station 想食啲

Firstly I'd like to thank Jazzmint for featuring my Mango Fettucini in her blog :P felt so "pai seh" la

Well, I guess I might as well introduced my small restaurant to you all, since most of my relatives and friends are yet to visit me, I might as well take this opportunity introduce it here.

Me and my partners open up the restaurant 2 years back (Not really my restaurant la) and it is restaurant with 40+ seat (very small indeed) It is called Sweet Deli Station 想食啲 (Pronounced as "Siong Sek Dit)

This is the image of the name card:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Directions to the restaurant:
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I think we have too many stuffs on our menu that I find it rather hard to introduce it because most of the stuffs we really like so we made it lo. I will just feature the stuffs on thumbnails. Also very hard to explain one by one too :P too lazy la but gimme some time....... I will try :)

First of all would be the 糖水(tong sui)
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
I would recommend the Sesame and Peanut because these are not those instant type, the dessert chef actually roast and grind the actual thing.
**Sorry to those Bubur Chacha fans, we no longer carry this item (I liked Bubur Chacha too!) but I am not the one in charge of the kitchen (My area would be the drinks, non-alcoholic, of course!)

Now some of the desserts, double-boiled tong sui and appetizers
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

More on part 2

Pst! Those looking for the chow tau fu. it is from a stall featured here and here, not from my restaurant :P

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Those whom are left at home when I am working

Elaine and I felt rather guilty leaving home everyday because Nicole would definitely make a scene, she wanted to follow us to work. She kept repeating, "Kiu Kiu go work, (refering to me as uncle) Ah Kam go work, (refering to Elaine as Aunty) Nicole go work" Grandma and I will ask her, "Nicole want to wash dishes, is it?" And she will nod her head(what she wanna do there? Wash the dishes also cannot la)

I felt sorry for my mum, her health condition seems to have worsen recently (She is getting tired quiter easily and she complains of severe headaches and leg pain. Because of our financial condition she have to go to Penang General Hospital for her medication and check ups **Here I'd like to thank Melinda and Johnny (my cousin and her husband) for helping us out to take my mum's monthly medication**

It has been very hard for her to cope with a life all on her own when she used to have my stepdad to depend on all the time (My stepdad is the one whom have raised me and have passed away 2 years ago, just before Nicole was born) With my mum doing Elaine's confinement, I got to realised that my mum's personality have changed a lot and also have gotten rather old recently. I do wish that I could have the money to take her somewhere for a holiday. But my condition "tau hei dou em tak han" (take a breathe also no time) And also her 60th birthday is coming up soon. By the way, believe it or not, my mum and Elaine's birthday is on the same day!!!!

This is the picture of grandma with her two grandchildren.
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Nicole's Many Faces

Well, it seems like my 'sit' command is working rather well on Nicole but she is still very hard to control, she would turn nuisance as soon as I turn around.

Normally she doesn't like to have her hair tied up but yesterday she allowed grandma to tied it so grandma told me to snap some pics for her.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Recently Nicole would wake up late at night crying but will stop as soon as I cuddle her. She is becoming more and more manja and wanted to be coaxed.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Condo Management

Today I felt so frustrated of the management of my condominium, I'm gonna tell you of their doings.

Anyone of you staying in a condominium/apartment with a lousy/sloppy management?

What made me so mad is that I have to take the stairs to reach my doorstep at 16th floor carrying so many things with me!!! Worse part is Elaine have to walk up with me too!! Because the $+up1D management have both elevators broken down on a Saturday night! OK, you would all say that probably it is just a coincidence but let me tell you what happened. There are 2 lifts in my block and Lift 1 have already broken down for a few days and no urgency was the repair. We residence already have to bear with a block running on a block serving and I had feared that it might break down upon high volume usage. I still wonder why Lift 1 took so long for repair (and are still non-functional this morning) but Lift 2 was repaired overnight! Personally I think all these could have been avoided if actions are taken with some urgency. With only Lift 2 working today, what if it breaks down again tonight? What if there is an emergency?

I really do not understand what am I paying for the maintenance for when nothing much is being maintained (The only area the management would have scored well is cleanliness, we have a team of a very diligent housekeepers and gardenera)

1. The guards.......
- they always let people double parking (Each residence have only one parking, visitors have to park outside) Some of these double parkers park overnight too and their cars are not clamped, as warned! Sometimes they double park and just block up the entry/exit of the block where you let passengers down/pick-up during the rain.
- I rarely see them patrolling the compound. Also the reason why the cars can park as they wish
- seems like they would open the gates for certain resident/visitors even when the management pinned up memo on the required use their card to enter/exit.
- Sometimes I see non-residence walk around without a tag neither have they registered at the guard post. The examples I can think of:
* there were 3 elevators mechanics on my floor that night neither any of them have a tag on them.
* Once I even found someone sleeping on the floor of my BIL's neighbour's place (he is staying in the same condo on another block. I did tell the guard of the problem that night but there was only one guy manning the post and another resident have another problem, someone parked in his parking lot)

In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic
Sorry for the poor lighting...... this was taken with my old SE K618i

2. No pets rule......
- Quite a number of residence have pet (dogs and cats) in their home. (I would be ok if they do not take them out to pee and poo in the garden within the vicinity.
- even the maintenance people feed the stray cats within the compound. I actually suspect that they were the ones rearing them.
- the stray cats scratch car tyres and sleep on the car bonnets. Every morning I can find cat prints on my windscreen, especially after the rain water dried up.
- some children have developed allergies and rashes when they came in contact with those animals, like our Nicole and another Nicole from the 11th Floor

3. In house maintenance......
- the in-house phone is not working (you know the one that links directly to the guard house)
- the power would always trip whenever it thunders. Once it tripped 3-4 times within an hour. They have informed us that they have changed the necessary fuse boxes but the problem still there. It tripped so bad that my BIL's surge protector kena fused (Luckily got warranty)
- whenever the power trip, the lighting at the parking lot also kaput. Right now the lights are on during daytime and it is all darkness at night. Now we are all scared if someone would sneak up on us in the darkness. Not all residents are good people, right?
- the aerial reception is horrible yet we are not allowed to fix our own antenna. So we have to depend on Astro lor
- the guards rarely patrol the floors of the blocks.
- the entry/exit barrier always broken at the guard house. Now this condition worsen the double parking problem.
- the road bump near the maintenance is built too high. I always scratch my car whenever I pass it carrying 4 people in it. My car is a stock car! They built the bumps overnight and we were not notified of it either. The manager had promised that he will lower it but till today nothing is done.

I am blogging this so that I can remember to write an official complaint letter to the management, as well as circulating a copy of it to all the residents. At least I can put up the points, that I see as important, here and access it whenever I needed it.
Sometimes really cannot tahan the place but Elaine liked the place so much that I have to let her have it her way lor. But I told her that I will do what I can to improve the situation as long as she doesn't nag me :P

As I returned home yesterday I found the maintenance sign is still on Lift 1
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

It seems like there is a paper stuck on the wall in between the lifts.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Comments penned by other residents

"The answer is to sue the management for neglect"

"Fully agree"

Seems like someone beats me to it. But I will still be writing my letter to the management. In fact I am more determined!!!! At least I am not the only one in this cause.

This morning we have to take the stairs down because no lift was running and Lift 2 was stuck at 17th floor with someone inside!!!!
Btw, the management is still under the developer so will have to waith till we got our strata title before we can do like what duckie's place

I have called the management and I was told them of the situation and how long more do we have to wait to have 2 functioning lifts. I was told that they were waiting for insurance claim on the Lift 1 after it was struck by lightning!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The misunderstood cousins

Nicole was actually trying to put her cheek against Keith's and from the picture it definitely looks like Keith don't take a liking out of that :P
Probably he is afraid that Nicole was trying to take some of his milk. Or is it just that he doen't like being disturbed during his meal.

To me it looked like this:
During Keith feeding, Nicole came over to sayang him
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Keith is struggling to move away from the intruding toddler
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Keith must be thinking,"If my head stay up higher and not look at her, she won't kacau me or take my milk away. If I don't see her, she won't see me, right?"
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nicole taken to the clinic

Yesterday, grandma, Nicole and I went out to see the doctor at 9am and we left Keith in Elaine's care. The purpose for the visit is because Nicole have been having cough for about a week and her skin peeling on her palm and the sole of her legs too.

Reached home at about 10.30am because we have an appointment with the Diamond Filter guy. We have decided to go ahead with the installation of a Master Filter (surprisingly we can install this although we were located at the 16th floor) and the water was much stronger too after having it installed. After the installation we were told to leave the taps running without the mesh filter for about 5 minutes to let the rust out and I was rather impressed how much rust came out.

I know I know, with all the controversy that Diamond is facing...... but that was regarding the Drinking Filter. Anyway I got this at a very special offer :)
Btw, I do not work for Diamond, neither am I promoting their product. I am merely suggesting that we needed some sort of filtration system for our home. Lately the rustic smell is getting bad in my place

When we were at the clinic Elaine managed to snap a few pictures of Keith, each with a different expression :)
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Outing on my day off

Elaine went for her last check-up with the O&G this Tuesday. *And was advised to only think of getting preggy again in about 2 years time*
Grandma was feeling nausea so she stayed back at home with Nicole and the maid (but she took Nicole for a swim instead), while
Elaine, Keith and I went out to do some shopping. Keith behaved exceptionally quite good, other than his whining for his milk and diaper change **I guessed he inherited my genes here :P bcoz according to my MIL Elaine was rather a handful then while grandma told me I was even a much more easier to handle than Keith coz I was even less fussy. That makes Keith, the breakeven between Elaine and I :) **
We ended up buying a carry-cradle for Keith (good until 9 months/10kg), which will fit into the current stroller (and at least can also double as a car seat too) and a TollyJoy Milk warmer. Next week we will try to snap the cradle to show you all!

Upon returning home...... Nicole was rather curious of the cradle and as soon as Keith is out of it, she was playing with it..... Initially she wanted to sit on the cradle but grandma told her that she is too big for it and she will break it. Then she got busy trying to put her teddybear on the cradle, while I was trying to adjust the strap-on **shakehead**

I am still working on the "Sit" command with Nicole. She would start running around as soon as I am out of her sight. When someone mention to her, "Kiu kiu coming" she would run back to the chair and put her index finger to her mouth and "Shhh....!" -
the universal keep quiet sign, telling grandma, Elaine and the maid not to utter a word of her misbehaving **shakehead**

The picture of him in the stroller while we were leaving home
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This is the picture of Keith in the new cradle I know we should have taken the picture of the whole thing..... but it was raning rather heavy that day and this picture was taken by Elaine at the back of the car, while I ran to Babyland to get the Milk warmer
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Been busy with plumbing works

I've been rather busy the past few days, replacing the bursted pipes at my restaurant. There were two places that needed my attention.
First is the water tank, the water pressure have broke thru the sides of the joining PVC parts between the pipe and the elbow. I think the contractor have not used enough PVC Cement on it earlier. So I have to saw off that part and apply new ones.
Second is the stove place (this one is tough work), where I have to replace all the PVC pipes to steel/stainless steel parts (I wonder why the contractor have used PVC in the first place) I think the heat from the cooking stove (which is using high pressured LPG) have got to the water valve and made it stuck. I decided to go for the steel for replacement because water have bursted here before, might as well do it once and make sure that it will last.

I know most of you would ask me why I didn't let a plumber do the work, right?
Well I have let those "so-called" professional plumbers do the work for me and I am now cleaning up their mess :P Yes, this is very true. I am just clearing up the problem from the fix of 2 plumbers whom have claimed to have cleaned up the mess my contractor left me with. If they are that dependable or more responsible then I wouldn't have done it by myself. In fact I think I did a better work than them :P Also those plumbers charges a bomb on their fees too

Monday, April 9, 2007

A fight for the stroller

Here we go....... yesterday grandma and Foong Leng (my cousin) came over to my restaurant along with Keith, Nicole and the maid. I took the stroller out of my car for baby to sleep on, then the fight start.

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Nicole: Nicole sit, Nicole sit.
Grandma: Don't disturb baby sleep, ok?
Nicole: Nicole sit, Nicole sit la!
Grandma: Look at "kiu kiu" (me)
I glared at her
She pretend to look elsewhere as though she didn't see me
Nicole: Grandma "pou" (carry)

When the rush hour slowed down, everyone took their turn to carry Keith and at the turn of head Nicole was already on the stroller, she immediately climbed up the stroller when I was not looking. Luckily grandma saw her and held onto the stroller, if not she would have fell off it :shakehead:

She's too long/tall for the stroller
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Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Young Photographer

Introducing our new young photographer, Nicole....... As I was snapping Keith's picture, she imitated me with my old T610, Might as well snap her pictures too...... Now at least I can show you all.

At least she knew that she need to press on the button to snap the pictures. And it looks like there is an imaginary viewfinder there, huh? :)
but how to take pictures with the phone terbalik la

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Regarding Keith

Grandma have done all the hardwork in clearing all of Keith's cradle cap and putting on his cream everyday. We will be stopping the paed's cream and start to use the Sebamed moisturizer she had recommended us. Also Keith's intake have increased to 4oz at a time.

I've done a comparison between his picture taken with his eyes closed and another with his eyes open, so I'd like to show it to you all. It feels like his facial features are changing by the day too.
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Normally Keith likes to move his hands all the time but while feeding he tries to hold onto the bottle while feeding :) In fact he held it quite firmly too
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Smooch

This is the picture of Keith getting a peck from Nicole :) In the inset is his reaction towards the smooch.

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Keith was actually sleeping on the oversize pillow as usual, with me accompanying him. Nicole came over (I guess she is jealous of me giving more attention to Keith) She actually imitated me giving baby a smooch. Keith was actually turning his face away from Nicole. **Guess he wasn't prepared for his cousin's kiss**

Nowadays Nicole wanted to imitate what we all do and also at times act like baby too. She is beginning to take more milk than usual, as she saw Keith taking his. Sometimes she also imitate Elaine expressing her BM :P She would want some of the food that we are taking, especially soup.
She is also becoming more manja and wanted to be carried more. She also wanted to sit on the stroller too when we go out :shakehead: **Now where am I supposed to get another stroller leh, when Nicole already outgrew that stroller leh**
The worst part is she will really turn to be a BIG annoyance when you have your hands full. Example when you are changing Keith's diapers, she will come over and try to take some of it to play. Sigh! Want to act like an adult, it seems

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Baby's Registration

I tried to register baby's birth with the NRD yesterday but got held up until leaving at 2pm. We had our lunch at Taman Maluri because there is a NRD there. I took Nicole along with me to the NRD and left Elaine, grandma and baby in Jusco.
Initially Nicole was calling out for Grandma but she became rather quiet as we travelled out of the parking. As we were walking towards the building to look for the photostat shop, I realised that I have forgotten to bring along Elaine's IC. **Darn, I have paid RM2 for the parking without actually parking at all**
Went back to Jusco to pick Elaine, grandma and baby. Upon reaching the NRD it started to drizzle. I ran to the photostat shop only to find a technician fixing it **Double darn, now I cannot go to the NRD**

This morning I got up at 8am and went to the NRD in Salak South. I was the only one in queue and got the birth cert in less than 30 mins. **Triple darn, they do not require a photocopy of my documents, as stated required in letter that TDMC have given to me**

Anyway....... now baby is officially named Keith Chin Cheng Yip (陳正曄 陈正晔)

(Just like what jazzmint have told me earlier, I didn't face any objection from the officer regarding "Keith", which my sis got her objection when she wanted to put "Nicole" - The funny thing here is why she faced objection when my sis does have her English name in her name officially)

More baby pictures too

Is he showing us a smirk?
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This would his Superman flying look
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His salute, I guess, to who? (No wonder he looked a bit lost too)
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His half-smile look, I think
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And I liked this picture taken with his eyes opened wide, but Elaine's hands wasnt that steady
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