Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keith's Third Haircut

Yesterday we took Keith for his haircut, which also happens to be his third - I am not sure for how long can I keep this count, because his mommy and grandma have been grumbling me for 2 weeks already.

We took him to the Indian barber shop in OUG which we took him for his first cut. Initially when we sat him down on the arm parallel booster, he became curious and kept looking at the large mirror in front of him, probably he is confused seeing so many doubles.

Then he started struggling when the barber approached him. In the end I had to carry him for the man to give him his cut. He started crying as soon as the shaver close down on his hair.

He struggled so much that I have to let his mommy to carry him. She manage to hold him down much better with his head on her shoulder. Since the barber didn't let us use the cloth, we have all his loose hair on our shirt.

This is how he looked like after his haircut, a picture I took as soon as we board our car.

And I also got to take this picture of the back of his head after he took his bath at home.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keith is still sick

This morning he got up very early and was coughing badly again, Elaine and I hardly have much sleep because since our boy kept wanting to sleep with us but he couldn't sleep well, he kept twist and turn in between us. When it is time to go to the paed, I decided that we split cars to have things done faster. I went to do the opening preparation for our restaurant for the morning while Elaine took the ride with my sister, Grandma and Keith to see the paed. Initially I should have Elaine to do the opening with me but knowing that Keith would have to use the nebulizer since the oral medicine isn't working too well because it has been almost a week now.

True enough the paed wanted to administer the nebulizer and according to Elaine, Keith was really horrified of the equipment. He took it so bad that he cried until he almost fall into a fit. After the nasal treatment, he started crying as soon as the nurse told Elaine to go into the room. He was wailing when he saw the doctor for the second time. According to Elaine, the paed was so frustrated with Keith's wailing that he almost quickly usher them out.

Upon reaching the restaurant, he was much more whinier as soon as he saw me. In fact his eyes were still filled with tears. After giving him some milk, we tried to ease him to sleep on our shoulder. Today it is the first time he didn't want us to put him onto the stroller, as soon as we position ourselves to put him onto the stroller, he would be whining and crying already. Even when he was sleeping on our shoulder, we can feel him jerking quite frequently, I guess he really shocked by the treatment.

Later in the evening he was his normal self but being more naughty and more attached too. I have decided against using the antibiotics for now so I will just keep it for spare for the time being since Elaine is still giving him EBM. Anyway I am really glad that he is finally much better and he did surprise me because he had concentrated on a particular short clip called "Jack Jack Attack" that I have downloaded.

Recently I also have a few discussions with Elaine and we have concluded that she will stop giving Keith EBM as soon as he gets well because we felt that EBM is really taxing Elaine and Keith is adapting to Enfagrow quite well too. I am really thankful the he is no longer suffering from CMPA, I really hated myself because I had caused him to suffer from ezcema all over his face during his 1 month due to CMPA.

Anyway advice from those experience mums out there on how to make weaning off EBM much easier for Elaine, especially the engorgement!

This is a picture of Keith playing with the transparent pacifier, which he never liked other than to play with it, it seems more like a teether to him.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Keith is 14 Months

Today Keith is 14 months (1 year and 2 months) but the sad thing is he was bothered with running nose and cough. This morning he woke up at about 5am because he could not sleep well when he coughing so bad. Funny thing is he had comically hit his own chest showing us how bad it was. After sending mommy to work, Grandma and I took him to the hospital to see the paed. When we were in the waiting for his turn he was practically roaming around the clinic.

But he is still as active and as KPC as usual

Height - 77cm
Weight -8.75kg

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM supplemented with 1-2 bottle of Enfagrow, in addition to his 2 meals of solid. Sometimes I have to mash up his solid food for him, other times he is ok like with a whole chicken drumlet.
He dislike things that are too hard and too soft but somehow he has a liking for what mommy and I have for our meal.

He is able to sleep through the night in his cot but he would still have his early morning milk in his cot. He would tend to sleep close to our bed and we have taken one side off his cot and have it against our bed so that he would feel like he is sleeping with us.. Every morning when he gets up he would crawl to our bed, over his mommy, to be with us.

He still has 8 teeth I am beginning to see the top of the all his cuspid showing already as 4 white spots and 2 of his lower molars are beginning to show its shape too.

He would be calling out "papa" "apa" but he is still unable to address me yet because he would be calling out of the blue. He seems to like to call out "papa" more than "mama". He is able to call out "umm!" & "mum, mumm" for food when he wanted some of our food.

He is beginning to walk on his own more steadily now but occasionally he would preferred to hold onto us. Sometimes he would put both his hands in mine and call out to me, signalling me to carry him. He has also developed a very bad habit, picking up things from the floor. Sometimes he would even squat down to poke into the holes in my Crocs shoes.


  • For now I am on top of his preference list of person to carry him, then comes Mummy, PoPo, Jiu-Jiu (Uncle Jason), Grandma. Nowadays he kept wanting me to carry him all the time, he would even climb onto me when I am really busy.
  • I do realise that he doesn't really like stranger carrying him.
  • Other than his mommy and I, nobody else can carry him into a car, he would be wailing as soon as the person board the car.
  • Developed a liking to shout, when he is unhappy, not given what he wanted, not carried or when I switch on the blender! He also likes to quarrel with my sister!!!!
  • He likes to point at things with his index fingers, it is either to where he wanted to go to, something he wanted or when he sees a pretty girls.
  • He is also able to respond very well to "tim choong-choong", "clap-clap hand", "friend kiss" and "habis". Still to learn his forgotten "gong xi, gong xi"
  • Likes to put his hand into his mommy's shirt and torture her mole on her upper chest. Occasionally he would be putting his hand into random people's shirt too.

For reasons I dunno, he started walking with his ears closed today

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The beginning of his Adventure

Keith is really beginning to tax Elaine and I of our energy. Since he has began walking on his own, he has began his exploring adventure. We have to always keep an eyes on him because he has always been wanting to get down to the floor and walk around. He also likes to pick up things(dirt) off the floor, opening the drawers and throwing the content(shirts) onto the floor and even moving and poking at the wheels on his strollers.

He also has a habit of poking into the holes, like in the picture below he is fascinated with the holes on my Crocs.

Taking the plate and spoon by himself from the waitress shelf and started knocking them..... very noisy!!!!

He even pakat with Yong Jin to sabotage the TV inside their privacy room in a Japanese Restaurant where we had dinner last evening.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Ears

I am pretty sure that it is very hard to find someone whom is all ears for you. Sadly we have a boy whom is one and the problem is it is the physical ear that he is interested in. It would be ok if he only held on to your ears. His frequent squeezing, pinching and poking at the ear lobes makes it very painful for us.

The only other person with the similar habit would be my sister. She have had this similar thingy for ears (human and even stuffed toys too) but she would only be touching it when she is about to go to sleep and gradually it wears of as she gets older.

As for Keith he tends to look for ears when his mummy is trying to put him to sleep

Or when he feels insecured.... sometimes just out of bad habit

(this picture is taken by jazzmint - Hey Jazz, thanks for the nice shot)

Sadly I couldn't get any picture snapped of him torturing my ears..... Although I am his frequent victim because I am the one with the camera all the time :P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keith hurt himself crawling

Last night after we got home, we let Keith move around the house as usual. He would either be walking or crawling around looking for things to play, while us adults do our own stuffs. As I got up from my computer table I saw Keith was crawling towards his mother whom just finished taking her shower and suddenly his hands slipped because of his over-eagerness. His mouth hit the floor of hard mosaics and he cried. Mummy and Grandma tried to console him but he kept crying until I carried him.

As I took him from his mother I saw some blood stains on his bibs and blood was oogling in his mouth too. I told Elaine to look for Bonjela while Grandma went to take some sugar from the kitchen. Sugar was applied first and we manage to take a glimpse of the wound when we wiped it dry. Luckily he had only slightly cut his inner lips with his teeth during his fall. We then apply the Bonjela and after a while he took his pacifier and milk with no problem.

I managed to snap a candid shot of him today, baring all his 12 teeth, you can see the molars are taking shape already at his lower gum. I hope no one would tell Elaine about this picture because she is sure to tell me to take this ugly picture down. I am pretty sure his tiger teeth sure looks very sharp and dangerous.

It is sure tough to care for an active and screaming kid!!!! I am really glad he is ok from the bleed, really felt my heart dropped at that moment.

My sincere apologies, lately I have LHDN on my back. The condition doesn't seem to be very unfavourable to me and it is enough to cause me to have sleepless nights and being moody too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clipping his fingernails

I have been the one to tend to Keith's fingernails since he was born because Grandma has problem with her eyesight and Elaine complains that she is too careless and scared that she would accidentally clip into his tiny fingers and hurt him.

I don't have any problem in doing it since I have been occasionally clipping Nicole's fingernails when she was staying with us. The only difference was Nicole would sit very still for me to tend to her nails but Keith would be struggling to avoid the clipping.

So I resorted to do it when he is sitting on his baby chair while watching his favorite VCD or while he is slepping. The earlier method would sometimes would not work when he struggles too much. Of late the last method is not working too well either because he would..........

He would turn to his kneeling sleep position and tucks his hands underneath his body so that they would be out of my reach! He would groan when I tried to move them.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A day in Penang

On Tuesday morning we went back to Penang for quite a few reasons for the single trip. We went there in my sister's car and on the trip was Elaine, Grandma, my sister, Keith and I. Our main purpose there is to:

  1. Take grandma for her checkup in GH.
  2. To spend a day with Nicole.
  3. To pay our respect to my stepfather.
We started the journey at 3 am with me driving all the way to Penang and we reached Juru at about 6.30 am. Problem is we have to spend almost 2 hours there waiting for Nicole despite my sister calling her dad at 5.30 am (he works the night shift)
We drove to Penang via the Penang Bridge which is really jammed up for no particular reason. I really wonder why the cars keep jamming up on a straight road!!! Upon reaching the GH, it took less than 2 hours for Grandma to complete her checkup, since she has my cousin, Melinda and her husband, Johnny to take her monthly medicine for her. my sister took over the driver's place from GH. Initilally Nicole was rather quiet, probably because she just woke up after a while she was her talkative self as soon as we were in GH.

Right after that we went for some Dim Sum for our breakfast, which we have to skip this morning because Grandma was supposed to fast as she has to have her blood sample taken on this visit of hers. Next stop was at my uncle's place in Penang Street, the place where I grew up. My aunt was very hospitable and she even gave us very tasty porridge for Keith and Nicole. Elaine and Grandma learnt from her how to make the porridge as well as how to keep it warm all day instead of having to reheat it up (avoiding the creation of wind (foong) in the process) She also gave us 2 laptop backpacks (just what I intended to buy) and a few Dry-Comfort T-Shirts.

After that we went for some sight-seeing and we couldn't really agree on where to go to for our next meal. In the end I decided to stop by the tea house in Pulau Tikus, with their very quiet ambiance, I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Nicole while she was enjoying the "Tea Egg"

I guess she is beginning to feed herself now and she still likes soup a lot because she almost finished a whole bowl of it by herself.

I manage to have my hands on the camera because......

But someone was being a handful

Because she was starting to explore the place

Then we bought some Boon's aniseed water ("pak yeok sui") which was on offer RM17 for 2 bottles at the Boon's Pharmacy in Pulau Tikus. After buying some prayers stuffs we drove to the Berapit Cemetery to visit my stepfather. I guess we were really unprepared to carry out our Ching Ming this year because we have missed out on a lot of things due to lack of communication on what is needed. Lesson learnt here and I really need to prepare all those things personally. Anyway I took back the driver's seat from the cemetery onwards. Anyway to those needing to know, Nicole and Keith had stayed in the car with Grandma when we offered our prayers.

After that we drove around town a bit and drove to Melinda's office to drop my mum's medical card for her. We could not decide where to go to for our dinner and in the end we went to Alma for some Thai food.

Nicole insisted in sitting next to Keith and kept trying to pull his baby chair towards her to be keep the space between them to the minimum.

Keith was very happy to see his cousin, Nicole

Nicole seems to have turned very cool and posing with her peace sign too

After that we went to the McDonald's in AutoCity for my sister to meet up with Nicole's dad and we started our journey back to KL from there. We didn't say goodbye to Nicole but we promised to see her another time which we hope would be very soon.

I took a short nap while my sister drove to Sg Perak R&R for petrol, which I took the driver seat from there on. We were all being very quiet during the trip because I knew that we were all being very sadden having to leave Nicole in there. We were rather shocked because Nicole informed us of her misfortunate that her aunt ,whom babysits her, had hit her on the butt before for a few times and also her dad hardly takes her out. Despite the fact that they are officially divorced, we were all very grateful that he had earlier tended to my stepdad's grave a few days before our visit.

P/S- On purpose I have to leave the adults out of the pictures because we looked exactly like pandas that day!!!!