Monday, July 30, 2007

Funny Sleeping Habit

Many of us needed to have something that we must have to sleep soundly, some must have a bolster, an extra pillow to cover their head, a teddy to hug (like Nicole) and even funny ones like a small pillow to smell (like Yong Jin) As for Keith he needed to have something to cover his head, be it a handkerchief or a small light pillow, only then he is able to sleep soundly.

I do realise that he is able to sleep when Elaine carries him but not when I am carrying him, maybe it is the smell of mother that soothes him :P
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Tomorrow we will be going to the clinic for his jab and it is also his uncle Jason's birthday tomorrow. We were invited to go to Jogoya, his treat :D

Sunday, July 29, 2007

His pacifier as a toy

Nowadays Keith likes to play a lot and one of it is playing with his pacifier. When we put the pacifier into his mouth, he would struggle to pull the pacifier out, making a "pop" sound. Then he would again struggle hard to put it back in (seems very hard for him to reach his target - his mouth) and pull it out again and this action is repeated again and again until he get frustrated or starting to get bored.

From my observation, Keith have yet to learn of how to "let go" (reminds me of the "Eggo" pancakes advertisement :P) and he likes to grab things, he is easily soothed by giving him our hand and making sure that both his hands have a good grip on our fingers.

As for the babyfood we have bought a few more variety on flavours, only those suitable for 4 months onwards. This morning we tried to give him the "Pumpkin and Sweet Corn" but he doesn't seems to like it (Probably his father dislikes Sweet Corn as an added flavour) We have even gave him some pear juice (also from Heinz), after trying a few sip, he took a quarter jar which we fed him with his "water" bottle.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby Hip Hop (Training)

Many of you would have seen those kids doing hip hop on the street, right? But how many of you have seen parent helping out their kids training for hip hop stunts? I've got one that I hope to share with you all but not really hip hop, I was only pulling your legs :P

Honestly, I really wonder why kids can be so easily be fascinated by spinning round and round repeatedly. In fact not only Yong Jin, the kiddo in the video, but Nicole as well. Before this video was taken he have already spun for about 15 minutes and he have already tired and was slowering doen when I took the video.

Listen how the parents made the melody for his moves and see how his mother and grandma helped him to take off his shoes for his split stunt.

According to his mother, Yong Jin complained that his bum hurts, I guess he landed too hard on his bum when he was trying to do the split

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The rocking cradle

Every night Keith sleeps with his grandma on the rocking cradle and whenever he sleeps with us he will be sleeping on the baby cot.
During Elaine's confinement he have slept with us on the baby cot but as the end of the confinement draws nearer, we switch him to the rocking cradle since grandma's room is much smaller. Then he was rather small and to make it easier for him to fit into the rocking cradle, grandma have used a square pillow for him to sleep on. As he outgrew the small square pillow, grandma used a soft pillow -a new regular size (cheapo) adult pillow, which I got from the wheelspin at Ikano.

Last month he almost outgrew that pillow so I told grandma to try to let him adapt to sleeping without the pillow. Problem started when Keith would not want to sleep without his pillow. In the end Elaine told me to tell grandma to try switching from the Netting to Sarong (which grandma have prepared plenty of new ones) Miraculously he started sleeping soundly after snuggling the sarong cloth.

Today he is sleeping on his sides on the cradle. Sometimes after he wakes up, he would mischeviously turn upside down on the cradle but of course as he could not turn back he would call out for help.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday Keith was exactly 5 months old and we tried to feed him some babyfood - Heinz sweet potato (which states that it is suitable for 4 months onwards and we have also bought another from Gerber, just in case) Elaine and I was rather skeptical whether will he be able to accept his first solid.

Nicole (my niece) and Yong Jin (Elaine's nephew) had initially rejected babyfood when it was introduced to them and when Elaine was a baby, she has refused to take them too but as for me :) (according to grandma) I was a babyfood and cheese fan.

We sat him down on the babychair and scooped out 1/4 of the Heinz into the baby bowl and refrigerated the remaining. When he saw the spoon coming towards him, he opened them automatically. Although he was rather clumsy trying to swallow it but he sucessfully took in more of it than drooling/spitting it out. Initially Elaine thought he was rejecting it by spitting and drooling and almost wanted to stop feeding him but I told her that this reaction is normal because this is the first time he is trying to swallow something since this is his first solid.

After a while the feeding became faster as he learns to take them in, but Elaine slowed down a bit because she doesn't want to have him choking for his anxiousness. He started to call out to Elaine, "Uh, uh, uh" which I think means to tell Elaine that he wanted her to feed him. While feeding him, his cousin Nicole kept coming over to see what's happening and was always in the way too, I guess she wanted to try some babyfood too, eventhough her mouth is full of potatoes, from the dish that Elaine have cook for our lunch, which grandma gave her, hoping that she can stay out of trouble. Then when we finished the bowl, he started to call then whining for more :P

Of course we gave him another 1/4 of the jar but this time we fed him with him lying on the sofa, which seems to be easier for him to swallow. After finishing the second portion, he still wanted more but we fed him some EBM instead. (This is to ensure that he will still take his milk) Which he protested by pushing it out and even pretended that it made him vomit (by making the vomiting sound, "Urgg, urgg!") and also pretended to cough, as if he got choked.

The main reason for us to try the solids is because Keith is already taking about 5.5-6oz of EBM although his feeding time varies but it averages at 3 hours and Elaine's supply has decreased over time. Elaine's decrease is probably because of Keith being reluctant to latch on although Elaine have forced him to direct feed, he will always develop milk rashes almost instantly. Probably he is sensitive to the milk/BM coming in contact with his skin.

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Anyway he is already considered a slow starter on solids because Nicole started to take solids when she was 4 months+, she was not taking much of milk then so grandma tried to get her to eat.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Black Coconut Bracelet

Most of you must be wondering what is the black bracelet doing on Keith's left hand. It is actually made of the coconut shell. As for how it got to be black in colour, I really have no idea.

Other than his occasional licking, Keith doesn't seems to be bothered by it but initially it seems to be bothering Nicole. She have even tried to remove the bracelet because she wanted to wear it for herself :P

According to grandma, coconut shell bracelet have the effect to ward off evil (I really dunno about this either) but we just adhere to it because it doesn't cost much to buy it, and it is my MIL whom have bought it for Keith. How many of you have heard of the same or similiar stories? Or am I getting the wrong story? :D

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Keith is due for his jab tomorrow and he will be 5 months old tomorrow too :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Keith and his teether

Every morning it has become a norm that Elaine and I would spend some time playing with Keith before we go to work. Sometimes if we overslept we would hear him crying in the living room. Normally Elaine would be sitting beside him while she is expressing and I would either be the clown to play with him, making him laugh, or the one to carry him while he watches the TV.

Recently we saw that he is learning to take the pacifier on his own but he is still unable to put it in his mouth because he always miss the target. As for the teether, we have to hold it for him while he is chewing on it. Funny thing is he keep pushing our hand towards him, and by doing so actually moved the teether deeper into his mouth (look at the picture on the bottom left) and had made him puked.(He puked right after the 4th picture) I guess it is either he is too greedy or that he is too anxious.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Keith and his toy car

Keith just got his first toy car, which Elaine bought from Jusco. One thing we liked about this car is it is made of rubber and is squeezeable. Although it is marked for 12 months+ but we just used it to attract his attention while sitting on the baby high chair, which seems to be working but he was rather annoyed by it as well because he was watching the TV and rolling the car pass him does distract him :P

On Wednesday he only sat on the chair for a few minutes and he started whining to be carried. Yesterday he manage to on it for close to 5 minutes while watching the Baby Einstein Beethoven. Today he fared much better, lasting over 10 minutes while watching the cartoon nursery rhyme VCD, without any whining!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keith on the high chair

Elaine and I were considering whether should we buy a Bumbo Seat and/or a walker for Keith. After consulting a few friends, whom were experienced mothers, we decided not to buy the seat (as he will eventually outgrow it in a matter of a few months and it is rather pricey too) and would still need further consideration on the walker (it is said that the walker would slower the baby's ability to walk and if not used properly would injure the legs too)

On our off day we went to IKEA and found out that they have something that would help us to get Keith to sit on the high chair that we have at home (which grandma used daily to feed Nicole on)

It is actually an inflatable bag that can fit into the high chair as an extra padding and it only costed us RM19 for it. Yesterday we tried it out and we were all very shock to found this...... I hurriedly search for my camera :)

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In fact Nicole got all excited and struggling to get our attention too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How we spent our off day

Yesterday morning I had to get up rather early because Elaine have hard a hard time taking care of Keith, he just wouldn't wanna sleep and he just wanna play. But as soon as my mum got up, I passed Keith to her for a while so that I can prepare myself to go to the bank to get the car registration card and going to the Puspakom for the second check. Although I got the about 10.30am but I only manage to leave the place at about 2pm because the private car line have a longer wait during their lunch hour (this check up to facilitate the transfer of ownership at JPJ, I have done the first check for financing two weeks ago) I will be handing the car over to the new owner tomorrow.

Before sending the report to the finance, I drove our Iswara to have our old CD player and speakers fixed up as well as getting a new auto-brake lock and reverse sensor. But as I got to the car I saw a flat tyre :( so I have to sweat it out.

That was the boring part, then comes the interesting but tiring part

After that I return home to take everyone out. First we went to a restaurant at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre named My Kitchen to try out their food. The place was featured in The Star and Elaine wanted to try them out because she is a Hainanese herself.

The food was so-so but what caught my attention is how Keith expresses himself that day :)
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What made grandma mad was Nicole wanting to drink the Hainanese Kopi and spilling it on herself :(

Monday, July 16, 2007

Nicole and her new hairbands

Last week my sister bought Nicole some hair bands to tie her hair up. I took some pictures of her because I know that it won't stay on too long, just like my sister when she was small :P

While taking this picture, suddenly Elaine came over and "sam pat" also wanted to snap a picture with Nicole. And look how cheeky Nicole was with her expression!!! I think she was happy that her mum was here, despite all the scolding she got from my sister.
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True enough the band came right off after half an hour :D Sigh! Like mother, like daughter..... By the way, my sister have her hair permed that day so I guess that sort of made her buy those hair bands for Nicole.

In my opinion, their stubborness is both quite alike. my sister was really quite a handful when she was a toddler. I know this because I had my share taking care of her since I am 6 years older than her. By the way, my sister just went back to Penang on Sunday morning

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Keith and his stare

Recently when Elaine or I picks Keith up, he will tend to stare at our logo (both of us wears our restaurant T-Shirt to work) Other than his usual stare at the person whom picks him up, if we wear our company T-shirt he will keep staring at it. I think Keith is very much like Nicole in this matter because she liked our logo when she was his age too :)
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And whenever we put him at his carrier, he will keep staring at the warning label too. Sometimes when he is bored and starting to make noises, he is easily calmed by showing him a magazine or leaflet, which he will stare at for quite a while (as though he can read :P)

Friday, July 13, 2007

The smooches and kisses

These 2 days I have not been able to find the time to do any post here because my sis is down here in KL and she needed my laptop to do some of her work. Her visit here is until this Sunday, I hope she and Nicole would be able to spend some quality time together.
Yesterday my sis took my mum & co. to our restaurant and we did some pictures snapping. And this is the selected ones that Keith was kissing his aunt May and grandma. In fact it does seem like Keith is quite angry with me because I scolded him and stopped him from screaming but lightly patting him on his butt that morning :P So the pictures below were all taken by Elaine because Keith won't look at my direction. (merajuk it seems, so small also know how to merajuk la,) Even when I carry him, he would look at places and things other than at me!!!

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On the second pic, his aunt was trying to kiss him on his cheek and suddenly he turned his head towards her :P He even looked puzzled and seems like scratching his head too :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keith crying to go out

Everyday when Elaine and I goes to work, we will have Nicole whom kept wanting to follow us to work and now we also have Keith whom would cry whenever we were about to leave home, I think he wanted to go "kai-kai" too.

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Seems like Keith also like to go out often too. According to grandma, this all runs in the family.... :P She said that if I was sick, when I was a kid myself, all she needed to do is take me out and I'll be alright as soon as I boarded the bus. (That was what she said la!!) And when Nicole was a baby herself, she would wake up when we finish our work and wait for us to take her out for a short drive before she would settle down to sleep again.

Btw, if you observe carefully, Keith is only crying out for attention. He would cry then stop to see what is our reaction and continue to do that a few times. If his cries is not answered sometimes he would just stop, but other times he would cry even louder too.

P/S- Did any of u saw what Nicole was doing in the video?

Monday, July 9, 2007

The result of the MBFCards "Got 5 LCD TV" promo June winners

As I am still in the process of reinstalling Windows XP on my laptop because of me getting BSOD frequently, probably some driver problem. I am unable to post much of Keith as I am yet to install my frequent used programs.

Well as I have posted before in my previous post for my chance of winning a 37" LCD TV and Elaine managed to collect another chance for herself by the 19th.

The result was announced today on their website and sadly Elaine's name was not there but mine is :D Some might say the same name thingy again like in another previous post. As in the result, my credit card ends with 8985.

Elaine was the one whom told me to snap it down and post it up, in case they take that page down wor
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Elaine was very disappointed that her name didn't appear on the list. She is so greedy la, but anyway she still got the opportunity to win it as the promo runs until the end of Sept (there is another 300 more LCD TVs to win)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Keith's new soft toy

Mummy just bought Keith a soft cat toy recently from Carrefour. The reason why I am posting this particular toy is it is the first one that Keith seems to be more interested to play with it than any other soft toys. Seems like other than Keith, Yong Jin and Nicole also liked it too because they would try to grab it whenever they see it lying on Keith's cot. I was advised not to be tempted to buy it for them because according to them kids like to grab things that are not theirs but when you buy it for them they would not play too long with it? :(
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I manage to snap a few more pictures and videos of Keith playing with it today too. Look how cheeky he was in the bottom left picture!
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Keith's Recent Outings

Well of late it is getting harder to take Keith out on our day off. I guess he sort of have established his own sleeping time pattern during our 6 working days and by taking him out on our off day had disrupted him and have caused him to be rather irritated and tempered too.
In fact one time we were all dining and suddenly he cried out non-stop. He would only quiet down as soon as we got out of the restaurant. I guess the restaurant is too noisy for him. So this father and mother have got to walk around with the stroller the concourse verandah of Starhill to quiet him down as well as feeding him, surprisingly he slept whilst cruising. A little later, after about 1-1.5 hour of sleep, he made a fuss again and this time he wanted to be carried and he only quiet down when we distract him by walking around for him to see people working thru the kitchen glass (quite kay poh -busybody of him)

After awhile (meaning after he finish kay poh-ing) he fell as sleep again on his mum's chest.
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In fact if we drive home, with him wide awake he will definitely be very fussy and even cry non-stop again. But he will automatically stop as soon as we stop the car to go inside a petrolmart kiosk. Sadly he would start all over again as soon as mummy tried to board the car. What we tried to do now is to make sure that he is sleeping before we drive him home. Probably he doesn't like the darkness and car movement at night.

And this is the latest close up on him :D
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Thursday, July 5, 2007

My apology

I'm so sorry that I have not been updating my blog on a regular basis recently. I have been very busy trying to settle a few personal stuffs, especially the car and have fallen sick..... and have yet to fully recover from it.

So I am just gonna post this up for the time being and will update with more stuffs as soon as I can settle my personal stuffs.

And I have added a new function to my blog too. It is called ClickComments by PostReach. Now those whom doen't like to leave comments can opt to click on those icons (no need to register or anything)