Monday, March 31, 2008

He became a Scardy Cat now

We just did not know what had happened but Keith had became very scared whenever we tried to let him walk on his own. He would either squat down or just stand there and do what we had taught him to do, ie. dancing, clap hands or "tim choong choong".

If that fails to impress us or get our attention, he would normally be crying out loudly but sometimes he would move to something near to him for support and starting to walk towards the person and then
He would either pester you with a smile (trying to be cute) or show you his pitiful "pick-me-up" look !!!

What we would do now is to try to leave him at a nearer distance because he would not inch a bit if we leave him too far like before. He would struggle to move at a distance but when he is close to the person he would walk with ease because he knew that he is within our reach if he is to fall. Sigh! He is quite a Scardy Cat.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Keith is 13 Months

Today Keith is 13 months and last year today we were supposed to be celebrating his full-moon. This month has been rather tensed for us because this month he has been sick for about 2 weeks.

Although he is able to walk he still prefers to reach out for something to hold on to while walking

Height - 76cm
Weight -8.3kg (Thanks to wen for informing me for my earlier mistake)

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 2 meals of solid. Since he is sick we put him fully on EBM but problem is it is occasionally not sufficient enough for him so we fit in 1 feeding of powdered milk.
He dislike things that are too hard and too soft but somehow he has a liking for rice, noodles, sunflower seeds and peeled raisins.

He is able to sleep through the night in his cot and he would sleep over to our bed too. I have taken off on of the sides of his cot and put his cot against our bed so that he would feel more secured. Problem is when he gets up in the morning he would crawl over to our bed to be with us. Normally when he sees me, he even stepped on his mommy to get to my side or in between us.

He still has 8 teeth I am beginning to see the top of the 2 bottom cuspid showing already as 2 white spots. We are thinking that it will be 4 canine teeth cuspid and possibly 2 molars too.

He would be calling out "papa" "apa" but he is still unable to address me yet because he would be calling out of the blue. He seems to like to call out "papa" more than "mama". He is able to call out "umm!" & "mum, mumm" for food when he wanted some of our food.

He is beginning to walk on his own now but occasionally he would preferred to hold onto us but sometimes he would just swing our hands away and walk on his own when he finds something that interest him. He has also developed a very bad habit, picking up things from the floor. Sometimes he would even squat down to poke into the holes in my Crocs shoes.

This is what he does when he is tired of walking..... looking up to see if anyone would take pity to carry him instead.

  • For now I am on top of his preference list of person to carry him, then comes Mummy, PoPo, Jiu-Jiu (Uncle Jason), Grandma. Nowadays he kept wanting me to carry him all the time, he would even climb onto me when I am really busy.
  • Developed a liking to shout, when he is unhappy, not given what he wanted, not carried or when I switch on the blender! He also likes to quarrel with my sister!!!!
  • He likes to point at things with his index fingers, it is either to where he wanted to go to, something he wanted or it is at pretty girls. In fact I think he and I share the same taste in pretty girls !
  • He is also able to respond very well to "tim choong-choong", "clap-clap hand", "friend kiss" and "habis" but seems to have forgotten how to "gong xi, gong xi"

Grandma fainted during lunch

Yesterday we have had a shock of our lives in the restaurant.
The minor part:
We went to work as usual with our restaurant starting business at 12noon. Grandma took a ride with my sister because it was her day off and I have instructed my sis to go to the paed to buy Keith more medicine because he has wasted quite a lot when he vomited and we had to give him the same portion again.

The major part:
As we were sitting down to have some lunch, grandma fainted halfway thru eating..... We were caught rather out of hand. My sis went over to the clinic next door, I called 999, Popo went to buy some medicated oil. Grandma blacked out for about 5 minutes and gained consciousness when Elaine applied the medicated oil. I called 999 again to cancel the ambulance and took my mother to HUM myself.

I was rather impressed with the facility they have in HUM. By the time grandma check out after a 4 hour wait, they have already have taken blood sample and have it tested, X-Ray taken, given 1/2 bag of saline thru I.V. and me only RM35 poorer but funny thing is Grandma was discharged without any medication. Anyway yesterday was a pretty busy and messy day in the Emergency Ward, with the Acute Ward practically full.

Grandma was having a very low blood pressure and after the blood test the doctor concluded that she is suffering from it because she has the BP problem due to her coughing with phlegms and recent vomiting too. I still wonder how come the doctor never prescribed her any medication?

The good part is we were very lucky that she fainted while sitting down, not in action or standing and didn't suffer any injury. I was really grateful for all the help we have got when grandma fainted because Irene and I would done more wrong than right.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Keith is starting to walk on his own

I know it is kind of late for his latest development. He had been able to walk on his own for quite a while but he would keep falling down because of his instability after 2-3 steps and he has been very afraid when we let him try to walk on his own without support. He used to make sure that we hold onto both his hands before he would walk then it became a one hand support. He would just stand there if we let go of his hands.

Only very recently he is beginning to walk on his own, with the pictures and video taken on the 15 March. He is still learning to sit down when he is tired. We really wonders why sometimes he would cry out when he landed a little to hard on his bum, since he is wearing diapers. Problem is he keep wanting to go to the ground now and sometimes he would be trying to pick things from the floor too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keith is still sick but remains just as active

Yesterday we took Keith to see the paed again because he was coughing badly the night before and we can actually hear cracking of the phlegm in his cough. Since we have to go to the Income Tax Department that day so we went to see the doctor at his evening session.

The paed told us not to worry because Keith is still rather active despite being sick. His guess is the medicine isn't going so well so he wanted to use the nebulizer to administer the medicine through his airway. Initially Keith was being very happy because he was even swinging his legs happily and even took out his tongue trying to taste the vapour, probably he is thinking it as a new toy. After a while he got bored and didn't want the mask to cover over his mouth and nose. He started to move away and later resort to crying out. The nurse came over and helped me to put the mask over him. Though he was crying out loudly but we can hear the phlegm cracking on his cough. According to the nurse, crying out like that would really help in getting the medicine into his airways because he is taking deep breaths in between.

True enough last night Keith slept through the night without a single cough. Recently with him falling sick he had become even more attached to me and he likes to whine and demand even more. So once in a while when I can take some time to take him out and he really likes to play with those with a steering!

Normally after a while he would start to kaypoh and start touching or pointing at the coin box or the machine next to his.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Keith is still sick

Yesterday when we were about to go to the paed, Keith's temperature went to really normal at 36 C so Elaine decided that we skip the visit and see what happens tomorrow. Although I was reluctant but I was not too sure what to tell the paed as the problem either because fever is the only symptom that is causing him the discomfort.

We really had a big problem giving him his medicine. He would push the spoon/syringe away when he sees it near. When we manage to make him swallow the medicine, he would force himself to vomit it out.

Last night Keith had coughed badly so I applied some Vicks on his chest, probably due to the coldness and the cough gradually went away. This morning his fever seems to have returned because I felt that his body, especially his head is rather warm. Temperature check is 37 C

Today Grandma and I manage to get Keith to take 3 syringe of medicine (from his earlier paed visit, 1 for cough, 1 for phlegm and 1 for fever) in without vomiting or crying. We did it by dislodging bit by bit and not the whole thing, meaning 1 syringe would take 4-5 times to complete. As soon as Grandma give him some I would then have to distract him into seeing something else. Most importantly we have to be outdoor when we give him his medicine.

Good news is he seems to be doing much better now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keith is sick

I am just gonna post up a very short one for today because Keith has fallen sick, probably due to his teething. This morning he have got Grandma, Elaine and I all worried about him because he felt so warm. Being whiny and all, he only wanted me to carry him. As soon as we step out of the house he became all alert!!! We will be taking him to see the paed later this evening.

We manage to find his other paed, Dr Florence whom is now working in another hospital in Puchong. We would rather go for a hospital based paediatrician now because of all the trouble Nicole had to go thru when she went to the clinic paed.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mari lah, mari. Pergi berundi!!!!

Today is the day Elaine and I have done our duty as a responsible citizen and also to practice my right for the first time. We didn't do it 4 years ago because we were too busy with our work. I kept telling Elaine that we have to cast our vote for our own future as well as Keith's

Initially we wanted to wake up earlier to cast our vote but we didn't because we have had a rather tiring night. Then we decided to forgo casting our votes because we know that the lady is sure to win with massive majority but in the end we chose to do it separately when we have less people in our restaurant, since the polling station is very close to our restaurant.

Whom did we vote? You will know the answer very easily by going to youtube and search for "Parliament Malaysia". I showed my sis and she was rather shocked but in the end she tried to take it lightly and she had a very good laugh.

The lady really won with a massive majority of 36K, I think she has the most number of votes difference in majority in our 12th GE. (I could be wrong)
I have been stuck with the internet trying to get the latest results because everyone has been asking me for the result as I am the only one with the laptop. I should say that we are lucky that we have malaysiakini because the reports from TheStar and NST took forever (Reason is very simple la...!)

This is the first time our opposition is taking 5 states (DUN) and even denying BN its two-third in Parliament!!!! I thing the punishment is already running its course, especially with many BIG GUNS down, or it that planned? Anyway I really wonder how could the opposition change things, since voters have given them what they have been trying to gain!!!

I kept asking myself this, if the Opposition (calling themselves Barisan Rakyat) fail to live up to their promise, who else can we turn to?????

Friday, March 7, 2008

Keith is cautious on boarding cars

Recently Keith is beginning to demand a lot of things especially wanting to go out all the time. Even when someone takes him out he is very cautious, especially when Elaine or I is not around. Once he even cried until he vomited when Grandma took him out for a ride with my sis in her car. Nowadays he would start crying as soon as he board a car with someone other than Elaine or me.

Even when he got onto the car he would keep wanting to be on the driver's seat! And he sure likes to play with the wiper and the high beam controls.

This was taken when I went out with Grandma and him to renew my road tax and insurance on Monday.

I needed to make this run on my own because I needed to clear up my NCB from my previous car into this car, which have been pending at the insurance company for a rather long time.

Take a close look at Keith's teeth and you can see the stumps of his lower canine (cuspid) teeth. Actually he is having a rather tough time because when I feel him gums I can feel that it is 4 canine (cuspid) teeth with 2 lower first molar.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My New Domain

Just would like to shout a small announcement. After much consultation, I have finally decided to settle down with the domain, I have used to get the domain and of course I did use a coupon code to check out which helped me to lower the price of the domain. I only needed to pay a total of $16.38 for two years. The thing I liked about this deal is I paid them out of my PayPal account. So as you all would have known, the blog would still continue on being hosted by blogspot because I didn't get any hosting deal, it is still a rather expensive affair for me.

Honestly I have been eyeing for the (dot)com for quite a while and I knew from WhoIs that the domain would be expiring by the 27th Feb 2008 so I decided to wait to see if the owner would renew the domain. I seems to have a feeling that the owner could possibly be giving up on the domain because the domain is still unused until now nor is it parked to any hosting site.

I truly appreciate the advise I got from Chin Nee and Jazzmint because they have really taught me a lot on the domain stuffs. Anyway I should have done my homework earlier. Luckily I have also found a very nice blogpost to regarding the matter - How to snatch an expiring domain by Mike Davidson. After reading the post, I don't think I would have the patience to wait any further so I registered for the (dot)net instead, as what the two nice ladies have recommended to me earlier. See I should have listened to them earlier!!

Let's see what happens to the (dot)com after 75 days (May 12th).