Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Recent Visits to Keith

I have managed to see Keith as per the agreement that it has to be in the presence of, and it was with Elaine for the past few weeks but the trouble is we still have our BIG fights. I guess it is rather hard to working things out and I am really hoping that we can start everything anew as friends. I am rather overjoyed because Keith has been rather ecstatic to see me and he is still just as attached to me but of course he has gotten more attached to his mom.

Keith has gotten quite demanding and has began to order around, even starting to ask for things but the good thing is we can still talk him out of it or to promise him to give it to him later, then he is ok already. All we need to do is to be really angry or when he does something really wrong, he would come over and keep giving the angry one his kisses.

Well, as for the toys I have given him, he is not too interested in it because I know that he had always wanted someone to be there playing it with him, only then will he be interested. Of all the toys, the one he had like most is the bus toy and the drawing table. But we all know how kids are, they always change their preference almost on a daily basis.

I wanted so very much to post up his pictures here but Elaine made me promised that I will not post his pictures up until much later on, for reasons I dunno why. Sigh!