Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Grandma's back to Penang

Yesterday Grandma has safely arrived in Penang while Elaine and I will have to take care of Keith while we work for this 2 weeks. Hopefully he is much more behaving and less whiny.

Just before Grandma leave for Penang we have got news that Nicole's father hs changed his mind and not allow Grandma to take Nicole for the banquet. The reason is his SIL, whom is now babysitting Nicole doesn't want Nicole to see anyone of us because she says that it would make it easier for her to adapt to her new enviroment. Although Grandma wasn't too happy that she is not able to see Nicole but she understands of their need of doing so. We just hope that he might change his mind later on.

I guess Keith is not too interested in crawling because he is just as mobile on the walker. This is the picture of Keith with all look but no action!!!
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He does move a little but if the item is too far he would just roll over
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keith is 9 months old

Early this morning Elaine had to remind me that Keith is 9 months old today but funny thing is she dare not tell it to me verbally while I was carrying Keith. She had to use both her hands and showed me nine while telling me, "Your son is..... today." How superstitious, huh? So I guess there is another quarter to go for his first year!

This is the picture I took today while grandma is feeding him mashed potato.

Height - 67cm
Weight - 7.7kg

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 3 meals of solid
So far he would take all that we have fed him with (Fish, Carrot, Potato, Tofu, Sweet Potato, Porridge and Rice Cereal) Whenever he sees us adults eating he would even call out for us to give him some. The funny thing is he is acts as though he is eating when we feed him an empty spoon!!!!! I guess he likes the process :P

Recently he is less likely to wake up during the night to go out because I guess he is tired out with so many people carrying him around in the restaurant during the day. Even when he is really tired he would not settle down to sleep until we got out of the house with him, only then will he sleep on our chest or the stroller

He now has 8 teeth and would gnaw and lick on almost everything you give him, especially human fingers!!! He would even lick the floor when we position him to crawl :P

He still "baby babble sing" as he is about to fall asleep. He is beginning to say "mama" "ama" "papa" more clearly but only when he is whining :(

Still the turning around when lying on the bed or sofa. He is still doesn't want to crawl and he gets really excited when we hold his hands for him to walk.


  • Likes to observe other older kids around him.
  • Once grandma jokingly became stern with him, he ignored her for almost the whole day, until she tempted him with some cracker!!!!.
  • He is now much more better with whoever is carrying him, sometimes even strangers.
  • When we carry him, it has become more like a passing around game because he is so indecisive whom he really want.
  • I guess he missed the pool. He kept pushing me to walk towards the pool when I took him out for a walk

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wedding & Baby season??!

I am really sorry that I have not been able to update my blog much because there is many things that I have to solve and things that needed my extra attention.

Recently we all know that Grandma wasn't happy after Nicole went to Penang but luckily she was willing to follow us to go to work and hang around for a few hours until I am able to take them back when business is a little slower after lunch hours. Keith have been much more sticky with Elaine and I too and he would surely want us to carry him whenever he sees us. He is also beginning to babble "mama" and "papa" occasionally too.

Grandma will be going back to Penang on this Sunday to attend my cousin, Kah Bee's wedding and Nicole's father have allowed Grandma to bring Nicole along too. Elaine and I will have to stay back because we still have to run the business and Elaine's brother is having his wedding a day after Kah Bee's!!! I guess everyone wanted to tie the knot before the "Year of the Pig" ends and some wanted to have a piggy baby. In fact now Keith have got 2 second cousin brothers born in the same year now!!! I dunno about you but most of the babies born this year that I have known were mostly baby boys.

This is the picture of Keith, whom was rather mesmerized by the light ball above him and seems to enjoy munching on his finger while the other hand was holding onto his leg. This picture was taken when he was less whiny in the restaurant.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nicole has went home

On Saturday night we bought a cake to celebrate Nicole Birthday earlier since she will be going back to Penang the next day.

I wonder what was she wishing for!
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As I was going thru the pictures I have taken, to choose the one to post up, I felt so guilty because she is just so playful and happy not knowing what is coming.

Her departure had caused Grandma, Elaine and my sis to cry. I was also sadden by it but I tried not to show it because I do not want to have Nicole disturbed by it and I have to be the one to console them. Grandma had cried the whole day and night because she is already missing her beloved grandchild as soon as she step out of the door. While on the trip back, Nicole has kept asking for Grandma and Keith.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Leaving soon!

** I have amended this post in order not to offend anyone's feeling, probably they might feel that I am revealing too much and are making their private life too public **

Today is indeed a very sad day for Grandma, Elaine and I because my sis have arrived this morning, not that we do not welcome my sis but rather Nicole will be returned to her father's custody and she'll be staying in Penang on a permanent basis.

This is really heart breaking for grandma because she has taken care of Nicole since she was born and Nicole has never slept without her grandma on her side. Nicole have been Grandma's pillar of support because she was born a few days after Grandpa's funeral. Grandma have been very protective of Nicole all the while (the same as my sis, I guess probably because my sis is so like Grandma in so many ways just as Nicole like my sis, so equals Nicole to Grandma too! Right up to their dimples too)

Many have thought that since Keith's arrival, I have neglected Nicole but in actual fact I have been trying to teach Nicole to act as a behaving sister that Keith would look up to. I have not neglected her in any way but in fact we have even sacrificed a lot for her since we have Keith.

This is not something that everybody want and Nicole is the victim in this circumstance. I might post up a letter to Nicole soon for her future reference, so that in the near future she can read it when is old enough to understand the whole thing from our point of view and not a distorted or a one-sided one.

Grandma, Nicole, Keith, Elaine and I were never given a choice to choose in this matter, as the decision is not upon us neither do we have the right to make it. We just hope that her father would take good care of her as well as honour the weekly/monthly visits that was agreed upon in the deed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad, bad night

These few days many bad things have happened and I wanted to post it up but since I am not able to do protected posts then I guess I might just skip it for the time being. I do not think I want to make our private life so public. Some of you might have known what have happened, I hope that you can keep your comments to yourself first for now because we needed time to solve the problem and ease the pain, not needing someone to tell us what should have been done earlier. What is done is already done, we just need to do our best for the problems at present.

This matter have caused grandma, Elaine and I to have sleepless nights since Monday. The whole thing had happened in Penang on Monday night, we were all kept in suspense and unable to do anything at all. The matter that saddens us all even more is that Nicole will be going back to her father's place on this weekend.

I might talk about it later when things cools down, I might even not talk about it. All I can say is now the whole issue is still too sensitive to talk about. I could possibly not update as regular for now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nicole is discharged

Nicole is being discharged today after spending 3 days and 2 nights in TDMC with the bill coming up to RM1,378.70. Her fever is mainly caused by her swollen eye and her sore throat that had caused her the agony. We will have to be back for a check on Tuesday to make sure that everything is ok.

As for Nicole she is beginning to run around more actively. When we paid for her bill and completing her discharge, she was already in the car waiting for us to take her go "kai-kai" and for some reason she specifically mentioned "IKEA" this time!

Friday, November 9, 2007

My hospitalised niece, Nicole

Today is the second day Nicole is in the hospital. The paed didn't reveal much, he had just told gramdma that it is not dengue and there is nothing too serious about the sickness. The paed told grandma that Nicole's fever is probably due to her swollen eye coupled with her sore throat.

It really sadden me to see the doctor taking Nicole's blood for testing and her struggle really made things much more worse for all :( The A&E doctor couldn't take anything off her although there was 5 of us holding her down, three nurses, grandma and me. Later she decided to call in the paed because she wasn't able to find Nicole's vein.

So we checked Nicole in, to our surprise we were told that TDMC do not take the "yellow" ING Medical Card!!!! Although I am not a rich person but I am really lucky to have credit card with limits higher than what Nicole's ING card is covering her for. (The reason why I got Keith the same thing without the card because I am getting a higher limit for the same price as a lower limit with the card) Anyway I feel that TDMC's room is rather reasonable at RM100 per night for a cot and a bed on a twin sharing basis.

After a check with the paed, we were told to bring Nicole to another room for him to take some blood samples. This time it only took 2 nurse and me to hold Nicole down but the whole process took more than 1/2 hour because for some reason the thing that is used to pump the blood was leaking!!!!! Gosh!! I felt so guilty because Nicole kept wailing for me to carry her and all I can do is console her and assure her that I will take her out as soon as the whole thing is over. (So I bought her some Ribena pastilles and Smarties from the convenience store at the lobby)

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In the evening when I went back with more clothing and necessities for Nicole and Grandma, Nicole was soundly sleeping and she even slept through Keith's yelling when he was excited to see his grandma.

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Despite having fever, a swollen eye and a stopped I.V. (intravenous) Nicole can still be so active and still run around and enjoying herself in the "almost empty" playroom!!!
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And of course Keith wanted to try the toy as well.
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The paed wanted to keep the stopped I.V. so that it would be easier in case they needed to start the drip if Nicole's fever won't come down. Grandma is the one staying in the hospital with Nicole and Nicole's parents is coming to KL today and should be arriving by tonight.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another fall sick

This time it is Nicole's turn to fall sick. Her situation seems to get worse and she have to go to the paed three times. She is down with a mild eye infection and stomach upset. The stomach upset have caused her to have a fever that kept coming back.

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***Latest Update***
Today Nicole got admitted to the TDMC, with suspected dengue fever or stomach flu. Lately I have tried my best to try to post up on my blog but I just couldn't find the time as I have to help grandma to care for Nicole. I even have to be the one to carry Nicole when the doctor is attending to her. I will try to update more on this later.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Keith doesn't wanna crawl

Keith is getting rather whiny recently. He would be crying and screaming whenever we put him lying down. He also don't like to crawl either even when we tried to position him to crawl. He would rather stand up or walk with us holding both his hands. Not so easy to entertain this demanding and noisy boy, I guess he learns that from Nicole :P

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Now he is really a runner on the walker!!! Yes, he pushes himself around rather fast and he likes to grab everything then throw it to the floor. Nowadays whenever he sees me or Elaine he would whine and cry a bit to see if we are going to pick him up, if there is no response he would move away and continue on with whatever he is scavenging!!! Look at the bottom 2 pics, he can still rummage through the plastic bag while standing on his own!!!