Friday, June 29, 2007

Something horrible to share with all parents

I just wanna share with all parents out there so that the next time you take your kids out, you better hold on to them tightly because you'll never know what's gonna happen next. Nowadays children can really react so fast that they can do things at a glimpse of an eye, especially those that they were not supposed to do. Looking at the one below really pains me. (Give it sometime to load)
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It really hurts me to see the toddler got kicked into the air and land on his/her head. We would definitely all blame ourselves if this ever happens to any of our precious ones...... Better be safe because prevention is better than cure

By the way, where is his/her mummy and daddy??!!!!!!

Please don't flame me. I just took this off my e-mail that Melinda sent me to share it with you all.

Holding his own bottle

Last time Keith used to hold onto the bottle but wasn't able to support it. Nowadays he is able to hold and support it as well. This picture is taken by Elaine while Grandma was feeding him one morning.
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P/S - I felt rather bad for not updating my blog as often because there are many happneing in the family and many which is not blog-able ones too. But anyway we have already sold out car for RM61.5K and the buyer already gave us RM1K for deposit. Luckily we opted to sell it on our own, if not sure rugi even more :) Special thanks to Jazzmint and Chanel for giving me the confidence to do it on my own :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keith is four-months old

Four months ago, we had witness Keith's birth and today he is a rather talkative bubbly baby (with all baby goo-ings)

  • Lately he is more reluctant to lie down on the pillow/sofa. If any one of us disturb while he is resting on the pillow/sofa, he would want non-stop actions (that is to play with him)
  • He also dislike to be swaddled. Anyway that is not so good for his motor development since he is beginning to explore.
  • He wanted to be carried more often. (He seems to be especially excited when I carry him, I guess he knows that I would normally play with him)
  • We tried to take away the pillow that grandma had put in the spring craddle. But he seems to be unable to adapt too well with that.
  • He have already moved to the "M" size disposable diapers.
We do not have his bio-stats this month because the paed visit is skipped this month.

Might as well post more pictures of Keith
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He likes to give us this "shock" expression
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I wanted to post this up (although it is blurred) to show how naughty Keith was, in giving us his raspberry. Just kidding, actually he is doing that because he is teething :)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keith's Sleeping Habit

Keith seems to have developed a rather familiar sleeping habit. He likes to sleep on his sides and tries to have his eyes covered too :P Also we know that most of you would concerned about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) We assure you that we allow him to do so when we are around watching him. If not, we would put him to sleep on the spring cradle.

I mentioned familiar because Elaine and I also have this sleeping habit too. When she was small, Elaine's mum had made her a very small pillow to cover her head (eyes/ears) while she sleeps. And it had became a must for her to use that pillow, if not she is not able to sleep

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Keith is having his third tooth

We were told by grandma that Keith is about to have his 2nd & 3rd tooth as well. According to grandma, most of us in the family have our four bottom teeth first. At least now he cries less and I think he is ok with his first tooth :D

The four tooth we mentioned are the central incisor and the lateral incisor (Picture copied from Michelle's post in myBabyBay Forum. Without this picture I'd be really lost, I guess I have left all the biology I have learnt in the class) In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

Whenever we carry Keith, he is giving us a feeling that he is much more able to hold himself together (not so lembik la) and his head requires less support. Whenever I carry him I would try to make him stand and is also beginning to stand (supported) more steadily too but sometimes he is also lazy and would just lean forward to sit down :P Our problem is Keith wanted someone to keep talking to him....... and he is very talkative.

This is the pictures I took this morning :D (He is now one week short to his 4th month)
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Elaine complained that since Keith have his hair shaved, he have lost his cuteness, but I proved her wrong with these pictures :P
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I wanted to snap Nicole's picture too but she was being so naughty that grandma had to take her to the room :(
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Just wanna leave a very short post

Although I am in the restaurant business but I got so busy recently that I totally forgotten that it was Father's Day today!!!! Well, this is also my first father's day, being a first time father :P

It was so nice that I received a SMS from Chanel very early this morning at 9.45am. (As a matter of fact that this SMS of hers is my first father's day greeting) I would have totally forgotten of this special day because to me it is just any other day as Sunday is a working day for me anyway.

I'd like to wish all fathers

"Happy Father's Day"

And I wish that we fathers would continue on supporting our family, especially our beloved wives. Let us all fight less la...... They used to say that "Men is from Mars, Women is from Venus" but to me we are all on Earth and we humans are very adaptable :P

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Keith's Second Tooth

According to Grandma, Keith's second tooth can be felt and the first tooth have already gained millimeters in height.

Keith is still as playful as usual but what makes grandma and Elaine jealous is Keith seems to be more talkative and happier too when I am carrying him :)

The bad news is Nicole and the maid would be going back to BM very soon. Yes, her parents are arranging their divorce and probably Nicole would be going to her father, unless my sister wanted custody. We know that my sis would have to go thru a lot if she is to gain custody of Nicole. The main headache is what if her father doesn't bank in his money for Nicole? Sigh! My sis, Elaine and I are still trying to work out something which we can afford with our limited time and money. But it is Grandma that we are more concerned about because she is really attached to Nicole, in fact I think grandma have put in all her care and love. We will hope that everything will work out fine

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A rather event-full day

Keith is trying to observe his hands and after a little while he will gobble them to his mouth :P

Yesterday was a rather event-full day. Early in the morning we have air-conditioner service people over at our apartment because the air-cond in grandma's room was leaking, the water outlet was clogged. Then after a while I heard grandma and Nicole voices outside of our apartment, I went out and saw them entering our neighbour's apartment (there is only 2 units on our floor) so Elaine and I went to join the gang la. We needed to see what measurement they have used for their additional room.

After paying them a visit, Elaine's mum came over and grandma, Nicole and I went to the unit above us to make some repair to their balcony water outlet. (It was giving us nightmare bacause there is a crack and water is seeping thru and will drip to our unit.

Later Elaine's sister, May came over to our place with her husband and her son, Yong Jin. Of course Nicole was very happy because she have someone to play with.

Both of them playing with Blocks
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Now they are taking their turns for Elaine to give them some "LinYong" 蓮蓉 (from the "LinYong Pau" 蓮蓉包 May(Elaine's sis) brought for us
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While snapping their pictures I saw Keith playing with his own hands. So I recorded it as well

We did go out for our dinner and then for some shopping. Keith was already wanting to be carried all the time and didn't want to be direct fed. At about8plus We decided to return home. Halfway thru the journey back Keith started crying non-stop. Then I tried to stop at a petrol station to let Elaine see what is wrong, as soon as she is out of the car, Keith stopped crying. As soon as Elaine wanted to re-enter the car, he started crying non-stop again.

I guess yesterday we have too many things happened altogether and Keith was being curious and could not sleep too well, with so many things happening around him so he slept rather well last night and also that he is teething too. He got us all really worried because he cried until he choked himself with his own saliva.

Luckily this morning he was still the same playful him. :D In fact he became much more talkative (with his baby babble talk) Later this evening grandma told me he became temperate again. Got advise from Jazzmint to get a teething toy to ease his pain by chewing a cool toy. I got Dentinox Teething Gel to see if it helps in calming him

Keith's First Tooth is sprouting (part II)

I'm updating my earlier post with a picture which I took with Elaine's help. We both agreed that we have to take this picture.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Keith's First Tooth is sprouting

This morning after playing with Keith for a while, I went into my room to take a short nap as Elaine was taking her shower. My mum knocked on our door and told us excitedly that she have got something to show us. As we went into the room she tried to make Keith smile and laugh by talking to him. When he laughed, she pointed to his lower gum where there is a small white line. It was indeed his first tooth stub and for the record Keith is 3months 2weeks 4days old today :D

Now we all know why he cry out whenever he feels uneasy. If you ask if it's too early, grandma said that I got mine about the same age as Keith and Nicole have hers when she was 4 months. When Elaine told her mum of the news, she also thought that it was not possible, she thought perhaps we looked wrongly :P

I tried to snap a picture of it but it was too blur because Keith was twisting and turning around during the close-up shot.
As usual, Nicole is sure to be there imitating whatever we did, perhaps to gain our attention :)
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I felt really sorry for Nicole but I am including her picture in this post to show you all. Grandma just gave her a haircut and it was crooked and it really made her look so ......... (sigh! kesian her la) Grandma some more told me that she did that intentionally :shakehead: If I can make the time, maybe I'll take her to the hair saloon this Tuesday.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

My possibly of winning a 37" LCD TV

I am rather excited because MBf is running a new promotion for their cardmembers, a chance to win a 37" LCD TV, if you manage to collect 3 approval codes in the same month that ends with 5 (which I have got, that is why so excited ma) and are the first 100 to call in (during the same month)

I got my first 5 when I paid my downpayment for the Iswara with my credit card and I got the 2nd and 3rd 5's today :D Meaning I have collected 3 (and of course I have called in already). At noon today after getting the second 5, I kept bugging Elaine to let me make another purchase because I got a feeling that kept urging me to try my luck again today. I only manage to find the time to go out late in the evening. The best part is upon signing the receipt I saw the approval code and immediately I was already calling the service center :P I won't know if I am the first 100 yet until they send me the letter. I couldn't believe it myself, even Elaine and family thought that I was playing a prank on them until they saw the slips.

Just wanna share with you all my excitement.
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I'm rather skeptical of my chances to be the first 100 caller but I did have the feeling that my chances of winning is rather good (just like the feeling I have to get the third 5) My logic in this is because it is only the 9th of the month today but how big are my chances, I really dunno. The best part of all is from today onwards I'll be using Elaine's card (who is having my supplementary card) to do our purchases because we are entitle to win only one gift per month and supplementary are entitle for one too :D (provided the 100 callers quota is not full yet la)

Also if I do win the TV it would be the gift I'd remember because this is the 10th year I have been holding the card, which was my first credit card..... which was then a silver card with only a RM5K limit.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Clipping Keith's Nails

Keith have wore mitten all these time and he likes to put them in his mouth, greedily too :P

What happened was that day most of his mitten was on the drying rack so grandma have to use some oversized ones and they just won't stay on. When the mitten fall off I was rather shock to find how long his nails have grown.

Immediately I got the nail clipper and started clipping his nails while grandma was distracting his attention. Initially it was rather hard to clip it while he was active but after a while he got sleepy and starting to fall asleep. It might sound like good news but the problem is he moves while sleeping too :( When I was on the first hand I clipped on his finger, he wailed for a while but after a while he calmed down. Luckily there was no damage as I guess I just pinched his finger. Sadly it wasn't so as I was on the last one, his thumb....... He wailed again and this time he cried much longer. When he calmed down I put him down and I saw blood spots on our clothing..... I think I clipped on his thumb because he pushed the nail clipper as I was applying pressure on it :( I am so sorry. my boy

I have felt sorry for a few days over that incident, I just fail to understand how some parents, like those reported in the newspaper, hurt their own flesh and blood!!

I have felt guilty for hurting him. Although his wound is now dried up, I still feel uneasy looking at it...... sadly his nails have grown longer now, just after a few days :( I really dunno if I can do it again

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Car Shopping (part II)

Well at the end of the day we are down to 2 candidates.....

  • A new Myvi
  • A used Iswara
I prefer going for the older car as the specs is rather attractive to me....
1.5(A)'02 -1 owner
car condition is quite acceptable and interior is rather clean too. In fact the shape of this car is way better than a lot of Wira. But will have to see if Elaine approves of it or not. Anyway here is the picture of the car :)

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Well, we have put our money down for this car :D
We concluded that Myvi is not our type of a family car and the biggest advantage of the Iswara is its size and its age. Old means won't sakit hati if it is scratched or kena accident. Even her brother and mum approves of the car and its condition :)

Furthermore its price is truly attractive too!!!

Car shopping

Well of late we were being very busy. So busy that 24 hours a day is really not enough!!! (Hahahaha..... who would say that time is on their side and 24 hours is enough for them?)
We went car-shopping on Tuesday and found many secondhand cars in very depressing state other than those in bigger/well-known ones, like TopMark and Peringgit. In those smaller used car dealers, I got the feeling that those cars are from bank lelongs

Test-drove the new Perodua Viva and was rather disappointed. The salesman, Elaine and I boarded the car, which is the EZi 1.0(A) Premium version. We were in Puchong and we went up a slope and I had to floor the pedal to get it moving. I was a bit shock to see a Kancil breezing past us, overtaking us easily leh...... (Maybe I am really overweigh la, so the car cannot go too fast lo)
Personally I didn't quite like the feel that I get while driving it, unlike the feel I get in Kelisa. Honestly in the showroom Viva is indeed attractive but on the road it is totally another story :(

In the end we have decided to cancel the plan to sell our car. To our surprise we were told that someone already booked the car and have already paid RM3K for deposit. Therefore we will have to accept the fact that we will move in the same direction as before, that is to look for another car.

Monday, June 4, 2007

My headache and heartache

Well, lately there is two things that is bugging my life. I have touched on my first on my earlier post. I will be staying back in the restaurant and in return Elaine have allowed me to sell off our Honda City so that we can accumulate a much more bigger savings.

Next one would be a sad thing tht have happened to one of my close one. Someone is getting a divorce/separation. And what hurts me most is that it involves a child. I really take pity to the child having to go thru this and I really understand what the child will be going thru in life later on because I was brought up the same way as my parents got separated when I was also at the same age too.

Getting a divorce is really ok nowadays but I really wonder why they started their relationship in the first place, worse is their decision in getting married and having a child, eventhough their problem persisted!

Upon further prompting the lawyer on the divorce matter made me feel even less secure...... for example,

if the judge gave the mother custody of the child

  • and told the father to pay compensation/maintenance of the child, by depositing it into the child's saving account. The father can actually skip paying for the child!!!!! And there is nothing much the mother can do!!!!!
  • if the judge rule that the father can visit/take the child out once a week, the mother can actually just bring the child to him and take the child back after an hour or two. The mum can totally ignore the visit ruling by moving to another state, thus making it hard for the father to make time/money to meet the child!!!!
  • During the visit the mother can also make sure that the child sees the father with dirty/soiled clothings or in a very depressing state
This would not be a matter if the parent loved the child but would bound to happen if they get remarried later on and have more kids. I truly felt so bad that children have to be in such a situation, all because of a decision by the adults. In a marriage it is all about tolerating and loving each other. Honestly every once in a while the word DIVORCE would spring into our minds but how many of us would really make such a drastic decision upon thinking all the goods our spouse have done for us. Let us all cherish what we have and not what we have not. I hope that fairy tales do happen in our lives with the "happily ever after" included

Selling off our car

The deal is almost sealed now and we are selling it off at the price of RM58K and we will still have to put in about RM6.8K to pay for the differences. Most people would be scolding me for doing such a thing for a well-functioning car but I think I have gone over that already. Elaine and I have had our heartache and we have discussed this matter thoroughly and in the end we have made this decision.

Our heartache on selling the car is because it was a rather good car and had a very low fuel consumption. As well as others that I have invested into the car like the front and rear Ultra Racing Bars and V-Kool. The only thing that I can take off will be the CD Player, others will have to stay on. The good news is I am able to save about RM300-500 a month.

We will be handing over our car on this Wednesday.

Possible candidates of our next car will be Proton Wira, Perodua Viva/Kenari or Myvi. No point having a big car when I just needed it to take me from Point A to Point B which is less than 2KM away.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The BF Copycat

I have mentioned to you all how Nicole liked to copy what Elaine and I did to Keith. This morning as I was playing and trying to snap some pictures of Keith,
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someone came along to kacau our "father & son" time. It was no other than Nicole
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I was shocked to see her with her teddybear under her shirt (imitation Elaine feeding Keith lo)
The last time I missed it but this time it is caught on camera !!!!
I wonder what does this expression of her meant
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She is really grumpy, nah, she was just pulling my legs :P
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Sad news is about to be revealed soon.......! Now is not the time yet as I do not want to announce somethings that is not yet being administered. I will tell as soon as it is done :(

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Keith is learning to sit

Every mornings, Elaine and I got up a little earlier than I am supposed to so that I can spare some time with Nicole and Keith. They are both much more active during the day. Although every night Elaine and I will feed him his late night bottle and he would want to play after that but we try not to so that we would not be interrupting his sleeping pattern.
Today Keith did gave me a little surprise when I carried him. He seems to have a better control of himself and was swaying less and also much less wobbly too. He is able to put his legs straight when I put him to stand (assisted) and he is swaying his head lesser too. All this difference in only one day!!!!! I tried to put him to sit and he was able to hold himself quite good. Of course I didn't put him to sit perfectly straight..... I put a pillow behind him to support him like this:
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And after reading thru Vivian's recent post on Naomi's 6th months development I think I might also want to skip buying those baby seats that helps babies to sit too.

And his hair is starting to sprout too....... Nothing to complain about since I am sure to get my haircut monthly.
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Currently we are busy looking for another car to replace our current "for sale" Honda City. And you all know how headache it is gonna be, right? We need to find the right price for the selling car as well as to decide what car we needed to get.
We are still pondering whether to go for a small cheap car or to get a second-hand car. The main reason is it really breaks our heart selling the car at a loss but parking it behind our restaurant at the open parking hurts us even more. Imagine this: You are paying RM10K per year and hardly use the car other getting from point A (home) to point B (restaurant/work) and parking it 12 hours+ in the sun. Sometimes your car will get scratched when a lorry pass by or someone with an itchy hand. The left side of the car front got banged up because someone who got "kopi lesen" tried to park his/her car in front of ours. And we didn't realise until we were boarded the car after work. At least if it is a cheaper car then not so sakit hati ma