Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Visiting the Doctor

Went there early but already filled with 10 people in the queue. Doctor was still in the operation room so we were told to go back first instead of waiting on the queue.
We went back to see the doctor at 3pm and still there was 2 patient ahead of us.
On this visit the docotor commented that everything is looking up pretty ok and we'll be going back in another 2 weeks
As for the ultrasound scan, baby wasn't too co-operative for a facial pic, only manage to get the "birdie" was clearly, so was censored again :) Now Elaine's complaining of having 3 "birdie" scan pics already (Earlier she did asked for it anyway)

Sent the maid back to the agency because she quitted!!!!! Hahahaaaa...... She wasn't a good housekeeper anyway. We were being very patient with her. Now with her quitting, that is truly god-given. Now I wonder how long more we'll have to wait for the replacement

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