Thursday, February 22, 2007

The 臭豆腐 "Chou To Fu"

I manage to scan the partially torn 臭豆腐 "Chou To Fu" leaflet and this is the result after I worked on it with photoshop. I know my knowledge of photoshop is still very shallow. Least I am still learning......... anyone care to share their advice on how to make it better?
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Their ChouToFu is so good that people will queue up in a very long line for their Smelly ToFu, even after they increase their price from RM2.00/each to RM2.40/each. I'll snap some pictures if my mum want to buy some this week :P She is their faithful fan. Elaine do not want any of it because she don't want a smelly baby :)

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jazzmint said... it really that good..