Monday, January 7, 2008

My site got hijacked!!!!

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I guess the above had looked familiar to a few now. I hope I got the term "hijack" correct because they were diverting people away from my site. My sincerest apologies for not looking into this problem earlier. I have not been coming to my own blog bacause I normally track your comments via e-mail. I found it a little peculiar when I went blog hopping to a few blogs but didn't really see into the problem because I thought the problem lies in my browser until I saw it being highlighted in LYN (Lowyat.NET).

The culprit has because they forgot to renew the domain name and seems like their domain got renewed by instead so all our traffic got transferred to their site whenever the Adverlets badge tried to load on our blog

What we have to do is remove the HTML provided by from our page element (under Template Tab) to solve the problem because if we don't it would definitely affect our traffic.


Sweetiepie said...

i was shocked at that time too..cuz i thought the spyware..i kept scanning my com and tried to restart my com..i don't have adverlet ad in my blog..but what frustrated me was that i couldn't open others blogs.Luckily you solve the proble now or else I can't come and visit you.LOL

JO-N said...

Glad that you solved your problem.