Monday, October 27, 2008

My new handphone

I have bought myself a new handphone lately because my old Nokia has been bugging me with quite a number of problems. I have many customers complaining to me that they cannot call me when my phone is actually switched on with full signal bar. Rubbing salt onto my wound, surprisingly Maxis doesn't SMS me back about my missed calls too.

When I am on the line with a customer, I keep getting dropped calls. Initially I thought all this problem was from Maxis but then I tried to use an old handphone and it worked fine without any problem. I wanted to continue using the line with that phone but Elaine wanted to use that phone instead. I ended up having to get a new phone.

After much looking around and many rounds of trips to Low Yat and Sg Wang, in the end I have decided to get myself a Sony Ericsson G900

Although the phone that I am buying is already past the promotion period, I still got the free SE Bluetooth headset as well as the 2GB M2 card although it is no longer stated on the box :D

I really liked the phone, especially the touchscreen and best of all the response time is rather fast compared to my N73ME. As for the N73ME, I am passing it over to my mom because she has always bugged me that my sister's Samsung phone is too soft for her. Hope she can bear with the slow respond time of the N73.

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wen said...

i bought this phone but traded in for C902 already cause G900 does not hv profiles and i use profile a lot..hehe, but i have always like this phone, too bad