Sunday, November 30, 2008

This week have been a very expensive week for me. I have bought 2 case of Enfagrow A+ in Isetan which is retailing at RM74.90. (there is 6 tins in a case)

Before that I have went to the e-Toys warehouse sales to buy toys for Keith and a birthday present for Nicole too.

Since Keith has always been fascinated to get onto the driver seat so I got him this

This one is definitely better than those MatchBox car toys

A bus with alphabets and phonics. To him this is another car toy.

This is the most expensive one, costing RM100, not sure if he likes this one or is he going to use the teacher as a joystick

Got him a table drawing board to get him interested in writing

And lastly this standing drawing board is for Nicole but now I got to figure out how to send this one back to her.

I have also bought a Vtech Floating Boat and got a free RC Helicopter from their lucky draw.

I guess from next few months I will have to be really thrifty and to spend as little as possible. I might have to even skip some of the things that I really needed, like getting a new pair of spectacles to replace my 3 years old glasses.


LittleLamb said...

that's a lot of MILK and a lot of Toys too.. Lucky Keith

Anonymous said...

thot u kena lottery!

Vivianz said...

oh my god... u are one shopaholic dad too!!! my husband will never go to warehouse sales.

And milk powder, so cheap...