Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm back

First of all, I am pleased to announce that this blog site is now going to be back to normal. For those who still frequent my blog, my apologies for my absence for so long. Hopefully I will be back for good this time.

The following are Keith’s development updates:
- Since end of last year, we have managed to wean him off his pacifier.
- Early this year, he has been potty trained and was diaper-less during the day.
- It has been 2 weeks now he has been totally off diapers, even during his sleep.
- He is no longer asking for his late night or early morning milk.
- He is now alright if we leave him in the public play place without having any adults around.
- He is beginning to show signs of socializing with kids.
- We are yet to send him to any nursery/learning school. We plan to do that next year, still deciding Fungates or QDees (Elaine feels that she want to send him to QDees because she saw that they have more cute little girls his age admitted there)
- He is still an Ultraman fanatic, even singing the theme song but I have managed to get him interested in Barney, Pingu and Pokemon. To my surprise, he is able to recite names ,like Pokemon, Pikachu, Meowth, Balbasaur and Onix
- He spends less time in front of the television now and rather cycles his tricycle in the house and going to the playground near my house.
- He is able to sit on the playground swing without any assistance, guidance nor care and he is even swinging by himself.
- He astonished me when he demonstrated so much independence when he steadily climbed the spiral stairs of the playhouse all on his own.
- A few days ago, Keith just got his buttock scratched by the comb of the escalator. I will write that on another post soon.

In the past, I have gotten third party feedbacks that there were some irritated people whom felt that I have been a show-off. Mind you, there is no need for me to do that because this blog is meant to keep track of my son’s development and not a contest. If you feel irritated, please feel free to feedback to me personally or comment. If you won’t then please choose to ignore my blog because I really failed to understand how an update on my son’s development will actually offend anyone.

This is an update on me.
- It is agreed between Elaine and I that we will try our best to be good parents to Keith and we had both forgiven each other for our past. In other words, it is useless for some people whom are trying to break us up again because there is nothing to break now.
o Occasionally she will get strange calls and visit by stranger telling her the “truth” about me. Well, we are both too busy with our lives now and we couldn’t be bothered by all these. A word of advice to the nuisance, the truth will reveal itself eventually; repent before it is too late. The reason why Elaine and I have nothing to fear is because we have both repented and confessed our mistakes and wrongdoings, have you? We were able to forgive each other and ourselves, can you?
- Close to half year ago, I got robbed at knife point, I have lost my waist pouch. Although I got scratched in the face and cut on my wrist, luckily Elaine was unhurt and Keith was not around at that time.

- I am now working in a company affiliated with Italian, Chinese and Taiwanese principals. The job requires me to travel extensively locally and South East Asia, China, Taiwan and Middle East.
- My job has been rather interesting because it involves a lot of technical knowledge in a field less ventured and I have been lucky because I have been able to handle my boss’s “tough” customers well and they even treated me very friendly after getting to know me. Much to my boss’s surprise we even became very good friends.
- Close to 2 months ago, my car was stolen when I went to attend a charity event in Pahang with my colleagues and boss, not only have I lost my personal belongings inside the car, I have also lost my certificates and testimonials. My boss is now providing me with a company car.
- My boss is bringing me to church and FGB meetings. In fact with all the bad luck events happening to me, I am really grateful that he saw those as a challenge and not seeing me as a black sheep.
- Lately I just got a really great job offer, which is offering me almost the same to my salary, minus the un-necessary entertainments so I am deeply considering it. My boss told me he will let me go, if he sees the Offer Letter.

Our thanks to Jazzmint for her kind support to both of us


Agnes said...

Glad to hear and and very happy for u and Elaine!

Agnes said...

Glad to hear that u & Elaine are together now!

Cristobelle said... glad to say that I was there to witness you at the worst and the best ...times in your life...but nonetheless..i am more grateful to have been Blessed to have met you as the second friend here in MY...( first will always be Irene..hehehe.) ...i wouldn't have known PJ very well without those weekend driving around...strolling hanging..and which i call crazy driving activities ;) ...hahaha..i miss those!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Welcome back, Peter!!! You were missed in blogsphere. I'm glad that you & Elaine have remained amicable and that Keith is doing soooooooo well!! Post photos of him up soon ok!

chanelwong said...

Peter...I am soo happy to hear all is well with you....

Do take care n keep in touch....

Tutiger said...

Thank you to all of you.... I missed all of you in the blog-sphere too

Chinneeq said...

feel so happy to see this post, Peter.

Jen Cheung said...

hey there, stumble upon your page through barbs page! hehehe. lovely page you have here. will be learning a lot from you :) & will be coming by often!

will be adding you on blogroll so i can save your site and remember it and come back for visits :) feel free to do the same too!


LittleLamb said...

Sorry for not coming to ur blog for sometime. I m glad that u and Elaine has got back together. I hope all is well with u and the family.