Monday, December 24, 2007

Keith is 10 months old

Today Keith is 10 months old and

This picture is taken while he is busy playing with his anklet. We have had 2 anklet for him because these anklets are especially helpful in telling us that he has waken. The anklet is filled with some the small bells which will sound upon movement. It will also be a great thing to have when baby is starting to walk. The bells will tell you where they are too.
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Height - ??
Weight - ??
(We missed his last appointment and since tomorrow is Christmas and the following Tuesday in New Year, I guess we'll have to wait till next month for his check-up.

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 3 meals of solid but recently with him following us to work his intake frequency has lessen.
Right now he is practically eating everything except banana and eggs (which Grandma told us not to give him until he is one) His favourite is tofu.

We have got him to sleep without the spring cot and he is either sleeping on the adult bed or the cot. The funny thing is he will sleep as though he have the whole adult bed to himself, by moving practically everywhere in the bed, even in the cot. Once in a while he will whine for attention and take a peek to see if anyone is attending to him.

He still has 8 teeth and would gnaw and lick on almost everything you give him, especially human fingers!!! but I am guessing that he is probably teething again because he couldn't sleep well at night and his body felt warm too.

He still "baby babble sing" as he is about to fall asleep. He is beginning to say "mama" "ama" "papa" "apa" more clearly but only when he is whining :(

Still the turning around when lying on the bed or sofa. He is beginning to show the signs to crawl and when he gets really excited when we hold his hands for us carry him (lazy) but we are letting him start to walk by himself with us holding on to his arms/hands. We have even bought him his first pair of shoes.

When I got home I laid Keith on the bed and he kept trying to snatch our letters as Elaine and I were busy going thru our mails. He kept moving to the edge of our bed so we decided to try it out to see..... true enough.... he is starting crawling already and rather steadily too.


  • He have this attitude where new things would only keep him busy for less than half an hour.
  • He is now much more better with whoever is carrying him, sometimes even strangers, but this also marks the beginning of the passing game until he is passed back to me.
  • For some reason I dunno why, he likes the parking meter in front of the shop.
  • He would get really excited as I walk him to the pet shop nearby and everyday he seems to have a different preference for a different dog.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Haha, boy boy wearing anklets but nvm, I swear by them as I know where my gals are and what they are doing (different sounds signify different actions) and life-saving too. When Sherilyn was 11 mths old, she had crawled up the stairs alone at my friend's hse and nobody realized that until I heard some familiar tinkling sounds upstairs and I saw her at the top trying to jump down. Quickly went to rescue her, haha.
BTW, your boy is sooooo cute.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy 10th Month old, Keith :D

Sweetiepie said...

merry christmas and have a wonderful new year :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

so cute your boy now!! Just wanna wish you merry Christmas and happy new year!

JO-N said...

He has grown. Happy 10 months old. By the way, I have sent you a request to be added in my MSN contact. I need your help on disclosure policy. Is it ok?

Need you advice on this:

Bryan's Mama said...

well done, Keith can crawl steadily already!!! :):)

Tutiger said...

Merry Christmas to all

health freak mommy: well, most of the boys in my family wears anklets for the same reasons :) but not for too long la.... until they can understand us well.

mommy to chumsy: Thank you.

sweetiepie: Greetings to you too. How is the weather on your side?

mummy to qiqi: Thank you, same to you too.

jo-n: Thanks, I guess he did only in the pics :P I have replied to your post.

bryan's mama: Yeah, he has finally decided to gain his mobility :P