Friday, December 21, 2007

Poor management

Just for the record I am writing this to remind myself of the occurrence and to let you know of how frequent the problem is.

Last night when I got back from work, I was greeted by 2 non-working elevator again. First thing I did was calling the service number, and was told that their technician is already there working on the lifts. Of course I was very angry and wanted to sell of the unit immediately but Elaine made me think otherwise because she really liked the place.

My nightmare started all over again because this morning, after 10 hours later, when we were ready to go to work, we were again faced with 2 non-funcioning elevators. I called the office to complain and inquire of the frequent breakdowns. I was only given the manager's handphone number to call. When I called him I was greeted by a man who sounded like he just woke up!!!!! He kept asking me if I have told the office of the problem. I really felt so stupid talking to him because with the lift breaking down at night, does he expect us to wait till the next morning to call the management office???

I guess I really have to write an official complaint letter to the board and the management. I might even want to get all the signatures of other tenants on my letter.

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