Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mari lah, mari. Pergi berundi!!!!

Today is the day Elaine and I have done our duty as a responsible citizen and also to practice my right for the first time. We didn't do it 4 years ago because we were too busy with our work. I kept telling Elaine that we have to cast our vote for our own future as well as Keith's

Initially we wanted to wake up earlier to cast our vote but we didn't because we have had a rather tiring night. Then we decided to forgo casting our votes because we know that the lady is sure to win with massive majority but in the end we chose to do it separately when we have less people in our restaurant, since the polling station is very close to our restaurant.

Whom did we vote? You will know the answer very easily by going to youtube and search for "Parliament Malaysia". I showed my sis and she was rather shocked but in the end she tried to take it lightly and she had a very good laugh.

The lady really won with a massive majority of 36K, I think she has the most number of votes difference in majority in our 12th GE. (I could be wrong)
I have been stuck with the internet trying to get the latest results because everyone has been asking me for the result as I am the only one with the laptop. I should say that we are lucky that we have malaysiakini because the reports from TheStar and NST took forever (Reason is very simple la...!)

This is the first time our opposition is taking 5 states (DUN) and even denying BN its two-third in Parliament!!!! I thing the punishment is already running its course, especially with many BIG GUNS down, or it that planned? Anyway I really wonder how could the opposition change things, since voters have given them what they have been trying to gain!!!

I kept asking myself this, if the Opposition (calling themselves Barisan Rakyat) fail to live up to their promise, who else can we turn to?????


jazzmint said...

hehe.....yah u are right, if they fail to deliver, who else we turn to...come lah, i become candidate, u vote for me ok ;)

Sweetiepie said...

If the opposition fail to live up to their promise,i think it will back to square..barisan again?kekeke!Actually i think the oppostion will try their best to do their best part for the community promises because they want to keep the seat in future.

Agnes said...

just blog hopping...i will add you blog in my favourite roll...