Monday, March 24, 2008

Grandma fainted during lunch

Yesterday we have had a shock of our lives in the restaurant.
The minor part:
We went to work as usual with our restaurant starting business at 12noon. Grandma took a ride with my sister because it was her day off and I have instructed my sis to go to the paed to buy Keith more medicine because he has wasted quite a lot when he vomited and we had to give him the same portion again.

The major part:
As we were sitting down to have some lunch, grandma fainted halfway thru eating..... We were caught rather out of hand. My sis went over to the clinic next door, I called 999, Popo went to buy some medicated oil. Grandma blacked out for about 5 minutes and gained consciousness when Elaine applied the medicated oil. I called 999 again to cancel the ambulance and took my mother to HUM myself.

I was rather impressed with the facility they have in HUM. By the time grandma check out after a 4 hour wait, they have already have taken blood sample and have it tested, X-Ray taken, given 1/2 bag of saline thru I.V. and me only RM35 poorer but funny thing is Grandma was discharged without any medication. Anyway yesterday was a pretty busy and messy day in the Emergency Ward, with the Acute Ward practically full.

Grandma was having a very low blood pressure and after the blood test the doctor concluded that she is suffering from it because she has the BP problem due to her coughing with phlegms and recent vomiting too. I still wonder how come the doctor never prescribed her any medication?

The good part is we were very lucky that she fainted while sitting down, not in action or standing and didn't suffer any injury. I was really grateful for all the help we have got when grandma fainted because Irene and I would done more wrong than right.


vien said...

Aiyo! Luckily, she's alright now.

jazzmint said...

lucky she's OK..gotta take some tong sum...good for low blood pressure

wen said...

luckily its nothing serious