Saturday, December 8, 2007

Grandma's back

I guessed I have rant a little too much so I might just wanna skip ranting on the other S-O ( @$$h013 ) so I'll just continue posting with what I created this blog for and forget about the KNNCCB person. Sorry for the foul words, least I want to vent it out and it does feel good. Furthermore since you all know that I am not a cursing person, you would have figured out how badly I have been offended by the S-O

Grandma came back to KL on Thursday evening and Keith was indeed very delighted to see her. He started jumping, while I was carrying him, as soon as he saw grandma who just got off from my uncle's car. (She got a free ride back from her brother)

When I told her that she looked rather tired, her repy was because of the travel, but I am thinking otherwise, she was very disappointed because she was not given the opportunity to see Nicole and she really missed her. From what I heard, Nicole is adapting very well at her father's place because all her cousins are having their school holidays now.

Look at Keith so busy fiddling with grandma's handphone and she goes around telling everyone that I am the one spoiling the boy.
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My apologies because this picture is taken with my handphone and the image is a little blurred.

Keith was having some trouble adapting to the quietness back at home since he is so used to having so much attention from many people and carrying him around.


JK said...

Peter, let Keith cheer grandma up. I think he can do it.

jazzmint said...

i'm sure keith will keep grandma occupied :)

JK said...

An award and a tag for you:

Wen said...

ok, i figured out edi!! at least keith is here with grandma lor.. got a maid edi?

Tutiger said...

jo-n: We do hope that Keith would be able to take grandma's mind off that too. Thanks for the award and tag :D

jazzmint: Thanks a lot. Keith is getting more demanding recently too.

wen: Grandma said the same thing too. The maid is still in progress, should be arriving before CNY gwa

Twin said...

keith can be there for grandma. :)

chanelwong said...

Keith must have miss Grandma a lot