Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nicole's Birthday

Thanks for all the well wishers and prayers...... it is very much appreciated. I guess the adult's problem is better left for them to settle it themselves but it is the small ones that we are concerned here.

I have here a little update on Nicole from her mum. Quite back-dated too.

It was her 3 years old birthday on the 17th and her dad actually allowed my sis to meet up with them but not grandma because he felt that Nicole is too attached to grandma and meeting grandma would make Nicole's adapting much more tougher. He might allow them to visit her more often a couple months later.

According to her dad, Nicole have started going to attend nursery for close to a month now and is adapting rather well. While her mum is complaining that Nicole is now conversing in Mandarin and seems to have forgotten her English, probably because there is no one there to talk to her in English.

This is the picture my sis have taken when they brought her back to her dad's place.
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And this is the picture taken when my sis meet her on her birthday.
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Nicole now sports a much shorter hair. Elaine was the one who spotted the red marks on her legs, It reminds me of the same problem my sis have had when she was mall and stayed over at her paternal aunt's place.


Chinneeq said...

Hi Peter, glad to see Nicole again. Irene is her mum right? Hope she is happy with her dad :)

Unknown said...

she is a beautiful kid.I don't really know her story..I am goin to read her story when i am free..:)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Thanks for the updates on Nicole. Your mum must be devastated not being able to see her. Nicole looks happy in the photos :D The most important thing is that her dad is taking good care of her.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I'm very happy to hear of the good news of Nicole. She is truly a tough girl. Kisses & hugs to her!

JK said...

Glad to hear that piece of news about Nicole.

Peter, have you received my MSN request? I have sent in 2-3 times. Can you please add me instead? Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Thank you in advance.

Wen said...

peter, i dont know what to say la.. i still feel sad for nicole and i hope that she is not affected by it and hope ur mum is ok too..
wats those red marks? cant irene bring her back to be with all of u?