Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keith is still sick but remains just as active

Yesterday we took Keith to see the paed again because he was coughing badly the night before and we can actually hear cracking of the phlegm in his cough. Since we have to go to the Income Tax Department that day so we went to see the doctor at his evening session.

The paed told us not to worry because Keith is still rather active despite being sick. His guess is the medicine isn't going so well so he wanted to use the nebulizer to administer the medicine through his airway. Initially Keith was being very happy because he was even swinging his legs happily and even took out his tongue trying to taste the vapour, probably he is thinking it as a new toy. After a while he got bored and didn't want the mask to cover over his mouth and nose. He started to move away and later resort to crying out. The nurse came over and helped me to put the mask over him. Though he was crying out loudly but we can hear the phlegm cracking on his cough. According to the nurse, crying out like that would really help in getting the medicine into his airways because he is taking deep breaths in between.

True enough last night Keith slept through the night without a single cough. Recently with him falling sick he had become even more attached to me and he likes to whine and demand even more. So once in a while when I can take some time to take him out and he really likes to play with those with a steering!

Normally after a while he would start to kaypoh and start touching or pointing at the coin box or the machine next to his.


wen said...

its the flu season..

Mummy to QiQi said...

at least he is active, then u dont have to worry :)