Friday, March 14, 2008

Keith is still sick

Yesterday when we were about to go to the paed, Keith's temperature went to really normal at 36 C so Elaine decided that we skip the visit and see what happens tomorrow. Although I was reluctant but I was not too sure what to tell the paed as the problem either because fever is the only symptom that is causing him the discomfort.

We really had a big problem giving him his medicine. He would push the spoon/syringe away when he sees it near. When we manage to make him swallow the medicine, he would force himself to vomit it out.

Last night Keith had coughed badly so I applied some Vicks on his chest, probably due to the coldness and the cough gradually went away. This morning his fever seems to have returned because I felt that his body, especially his head is rather warm. Temperature check is 37 C

Today Grandma and I manage to get Keith to take 3 syringe of medicine (from his earlier paed visit, 1 for cough, 1 for phlegm and 1 for fever) in without vomiting or crying. We did it by dislodging bit by bit and not the whole thing, meaning 1 syringe would take 4-5 times to complete. As soon as Grandma give him some I would then have to distract him into seeing something else. Most importantly we have to be outdoor when we give him his medicine.

Good news is he seems to be doing much better now.


Vivianz said...

Thank God he is better now. Oh. i am sure you must be heartbroken to see him sick.. I know. :)

JK said...

Take care and hope Keith gets well soon. My three kids have just recovered from fever but still coughing. SO, I know how it feels to have a sick child at home. Do take care, Peter & Elaine.

Anonymous said...

hope he is well girl oso got fever, flu cough. its the flu season

Anonymous said...

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jazzmint said...

aiyo, hope he gets well soon.

hey coughing badly, apply vicks on feet and wear socks...they sleep very well, works for adult too :)