Thursday, May 8, 2008

Impatient Keith

We realize that Keith has begin to show interest in many things but he could never do one thing for a long period. He would normally be doing something that interest him for a very short while only then turn his attention elsewhere.

Recently he has been starting to watch cartoon as well. He is all into those action ones whenever they go into the conversation part he would start to turn his attention to the remote control or would try to get out of the chair. Else he would be pointing at snacks, which is sure to make him sit for a much more longer period.

Whenever we sit him in the shopping cart, we have to give him something to gain his attention. If not he is sure won't want to sit in it. Normally I would carry him and push the cart at the same time until I enter the supermarket and get some him some toys or candy so that I can sit him on the cart. I would be lucky if there are promoters handing out sample food because he is sure to like to try them but he would make a mess of himself.

He had never liked any sample drinks that has been handed out. This would get him busy for a while, normally until I get to the check out where he would be struggling again. Luckily for now he seems to be mesmerized by plastic cards too. He fancy those membership cards as well as credit cards too.

He also likes to point at teddy bears but whenever we give it to him, he would almost immediately throw it to the floor and he would be pointing at another bear. He seems to also have a habit of throwing things to the floor too.

His impatience in concentrating even goes to those RM1 token rides in shopping complexes. Whenever we go to shopping complex he would only point to those bigger rides but the good thing is he never really sit in for too long so it is very rare that we have to slot in coins.

He is looking at his mum sideways while trying to switch on the ride with his right hand

His much more serious look with his chut-chut

Today would also mark the day that Elaine is going to stop expressing EBM as well


wen said...

welcome to toddler-hood! kiki..

happy mother's day to elaine and irene ya!

Johnny Ong said...

hmmm the blog is solidly dedicated for the child, fantastic efforts

jazzmint said... son is exactly same as urs, refuse to sit trolley somemore!!