Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keith is 15 Months

Today Keith is 15 months (1 year and 3 months). The good news is this time he is not bothered with sickness, which Elaine and I are rather happy about. In fact we have started to give him an occasional dose of liquid multivitamins, which he has been reluctant to take. We are yet to take him for his jab this month because he is due for his appointment on this Tuesday and probably would be his MMR jab.

What I can say is Keith has begin to show his stubbornness, if he wants something and he would surely throw tantrum and start to cry/shout at a very high pitch which I hope he is not training to be a soprano to get what he wants!!!!

Statistics from last month (will update this on Tuesday)
Height - 77cm
Weight -8.75kg

His milk intake is now about 5-6 bottles of 7oz, in addition to his 2 actual meals of solid, which is normally porridge. I would try to mash up/grind a small portion of my meal for him because most of the time whenever we adults take our meal he would be salivating to share with us. He seems to prefer meat better. Due to the rumour that Enfagrow would be maintaining their current price but will be downsizing the refill packs from 700g to 650g (According to the Chinese Medicine Shop that we buy from occasionally), we had to let Keith try the Honey Flavoured ones because they ran out of the Original. Surprisingly, Keith seems to like the Honey ones better because he tends to finish the whole bottle now.

He is able to sleep through the night in his cot but lately he kept whining to come over to sleep with us, he see=ms to dislike to be left alone in the room. When he sleeps in his cot, he would sometimes cry out and would only fall back to sleep after Elaine or I pat him and let him know that we are there by his side.
On Tuesday, he gave us a shock. In the evening Elaine put him to sleep on our bed after that she joined me to watch TV in the living. After a few minutes, I heard a thud sound and as I turned around I saw Keith walking out of our room towards us already!!!! Till today we could not really figure out how he actually got down from our bed and if he really manage to come down correctly because he did not cry at all. We have actually to check for bruise and gently squeeze his hands and legs to see if he is hurt but there was no reaction at all..... I guess he was very lucky and found the right way down that time.

He now has 12 teeth and 2 of his lower molars are beginning to show its shape but are yet to pierce through his gum. I fear that he might have to go through this more painful than his others.

He would be calling me as "papa" "apa" "da" and even "dada". Funnily he seems to dislike calling "mama" or has he just simply forgotten. He would just ignore us when we repeatedly say "mama" in front of him without any response from him. He would spit out his pacifier and begin to call out "umm", "umm-mum or mumm-mumm" when he sees us taking food. He would even say "ah!" when he wants water..... Guess because I kept playfully gave him the expression of "ah!" after he takes his water, in hoping to encourage him to drink more water since he is now taking powdered milk. Whenever anyone tried to make him say some words which he is unable to utter, like "ku" - (paternal aunt) for my sister "grandma" or "mama", he would keep saying "da" or "dada" in return. I wonder if this "da" and "dada" is for me or everyone!
Although he is yet to greet people close to him, he is able to point to the person when we ask him where the person is.

He is beginning to walk on his own more steadily now and he would turn around to face us when he wants us to carry him. Sometimes he would put both his hands in mine or would be pointing at me (with his index finger) and call out to me, sort of telling me to carry him. He seems to have the habit of picking up things from the floor and walk to the rubbish bin to throw. He is also able to sit down more properly now, when we tell him to sit especially if it is for food!


  • He is now more okay with people carrying him, just as long as the person is not a stranger. He is more picky when he is not in the mood or when he wants to go out.
  • He would try to be cute by slanting his head to his side and look at me whenever I scold him or give him the stern look.
  • He is still unable to board onto another person's car without his mommy and I carrying him. Nobody else can carry him into a car because he would start wailing as soon as he boards the car.
  • Developed a liking to shout at a very high pitch, when he is unhappy, not given what he wanted, not carried or when I switch on the blender! He also likes to "quarrel" with my sister!!!!
  • He likes to point at things with his index fingers, it is either to where he wanted to go to, something he wanted or when he sees a pretty girls.
  • He is also able to respond very well to "tim choong-choong", "clap-clap hand", "friend kiss" and "habis". Still unable to learn his forgotten "gong xi, gong xi"
  • Likes to put his hand into his mommy's shirt and torture her mole on her upper chest. Occasionally he would be putting his hand into random people's shirt too, in a way it looks like he is harassing the person too, especially if it is a woman carrying him!

The many expressions I got from him when we went to Seafood Baby Restaurant for our belated Mother's Day dinner.


wen said...

he looks so diff liao compared to when he was younger hor.. welcome to the ral parenthood..kakaka!

LittleLamb said...

Happy 15th Months Keith...

jazzmint said...

wah..keith ham sup kekeke..

happy 15th months. still on bf?

Bryan's Mama said...

Keith is getting more hansem by the day. And starting to show his personality :)