Monday, May 12, 2008

Our lil' Key Man and Cleaner

Last night while waiting for everyone else to finish cleaning up, Grandma and I took care of Keith and as usual Keith would start demanding wanting this and that. In the end he had my house keys and car keys. He has been very amazed with keys. At home he had even imitated us by picking one of the key while trying to reach for the doorknob, as if he is trying to open it. Like all other kids, he also likes to play with remote too, it could be any kind of a remote control, like my car remote, car audio remote, TV remote, Air Cond remote and he even wanted my condominium pass card. He likes to point them to the ceiling while pressing on to the button.

Initially playing with the remote

Before switching to the keys

While taking this pictures I saw grandma's glass of iced water on the other end of the table has a lot of condensed water so I took a tissue to wipe it up. As soon as Keith saw me with the tissue he immediately throw away the keys. He took the tissue from my hand and immediately started to wipe the table.

He likes to imitate us doing our daily tasks. He also likes to throw away those used tissue into the waste basket by himself, if he is on the floor.


wen said...

u just saved urself money for getting a cleaner..kiki..

Bryan's Mama said...

my boy same thing...likes to use his hanky to wipe haha

JO-N said...

He's a fast learner.

slavemom said...

hahaha He's a vy hygienic lil boy.