Thursday, August 2, 2007

Keith and his 5th Jab

On Tuesday we went for to see the paed for Keith's 5th month jab. As the doctor told us that we were not required to see her on the 4th month, she fixed the appointment on the 5th month. The wait was rather long because there was quite a lot of people to see the doctor. Although we got there rather early but we still have to wait quite a while. As for Keith, he took his milk at 5.30am and hardly wanted anything else but our fingers to bite on :P

She advised us to change the baby bath as it is drying Keith's skin and to apply baby oil/olive oil on his scalp too. In fact, We were rather surprised to be told that she will be giving Keith 2 jabs.

He cried when he was given his jabs but as soon as we got into the car, he stopped crying. But he was being very moody the whole day and we had to give him the Paracetamol that the doctor prescribed because he felt rather warm. He took his milk at about 12pm before going to sleep on the spring cradle.

Your Vital-Stats:
Weight: 6.6kg
Height: 61cm
Head Circumference: 40cm

This is how moody he looked that night at Jogoya. Yup, he went along with us too, since it is his Uncle Jason's request to bring him and Yong Jin along. (Grandma said she didn't want to go because her legs was aching and it is tough to go there and chase after Nicole all the time :P)
His Aunt May bought him these new shirt that he is wearing in the pic.
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More updates on Jogoya another time, still working on that

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