Monday, August 20, 2007

Not so familiar faces

Well in this matter, I think Keith is not faring as well as Nicole..... he is really very picky on who is carrying him.

This was what happened that day, we made sure that Keith saw me carrying and cuddling Nicole, and Grandma kept saying to him, "Look daddy sayang Nicole"

Keith wasn't so happy about me carrying Nicole, and even more uneasy with me cuddling Nicole. He kept whining for me to carry him as I put down Nicole and Elaine passed Keith to my sister...... This was what I managed to capture :D
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Yup, he wasn't so attached to my sister and his maternal grandma too.... He is ok with the rest but just a few people only got this kind of uneasy treatment.


jazzmint said...

aww...seldom see mah..sure don't like lor

Tutiger said...

ya lor.... distance to far ma :P