Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!!!!!

Happy 50th Birthday to Malaysia

Today is the day that the whole Malaysia will be celebrating its 50 years of Independence, which I doubt any of you would not have known :)

I meant to do this post yesterday but my sis told me that she needed to use my PC (which is in my room) so I have to move it to the living room for her.
Hmm..... let's move away from the 1957 story first, since I think RTM1 would be covering that today :P and will skip the present for the moment. While thinking back to what I was doing 10 & 20 years ago brought back floods of memories...... :D

In 1987, I attended my very first parade, we were the invited marching school band for the opening ceremony of the Piala Bapa Malaysia. Although this just a normal band outing but it meant a lot to me because for this first outing of mine, I actually faced resistance at home, not allowing me to attend it, until my "kai ma" (godmother, who also my eldest maternal aunty) gave me her consent. That year I also attended my first Merdeka parade.
This marks the beginning of me gaining my independence/freedom.

In 1997, this year was rather meaningful to me because it was the year I got to know a very cute, pretty, petite-size, bubbly and understanding girl, in fact there was never a dull moment with her........ (wondering who she was? make a guess la)
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If you are asking me if she is still available then I am really sorry lor but I think most of you would have guessed it right. Yes, it was the year I got to know Elaine!
This marks the beginning of me losing part of my independence/freedom.
This is the year I got my first credit card from MBf. This would mark the start of my credit card problems too.

Ten years later, this year, our baby is born, making this year just as memorable too.
This marks the end of my independence/freedom.
This is also the year I won the LCD TV from the contest by MBf. And this marks my credit card problem owings is now even more than ever. Elaine and her family was rather shocked when I told them that I have known them 10 years already.

Now I wonder how will my independence status be in my next 10 & 20 years


jazzmint said...

wahh.....that's elaine!!! Pheww-witt

chanelwong said...

No wonder you fail in love with Elaine...she is sooo sweet and pretty...Good choice...