Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keith is 6 months old

Keith has just turned 6 months (1/2 year old) last Friday but sadly we didn’t get to do any celebration because Elaine and I have to work over 14 hours that day (actually we put that many hours daily)

Well, we are very proud of him indeed, for being able to adapt to his environment so far with only minor hiccups, nothing major. Elaine has decided to continue her EBM for another 6 months (Despite all the negative comments she got from our relatives, I really fail to )
His progress so far:

Positive things that we have observed
  • Beginning to grab things and pull them towards his mouth him.
  • Seems to be fascinated by our hands/fingers (perhaps it looks like chicken fingers!) and he would take a bite of it too!
  • Shows a preference in choosing whom to carry him, in a particular order too. (Me, Elaine, Grandma) Learning to walk forward on the walker now, but halfway walking he would turn his target to the buttons on the walker and start licking them!! (Initially he used to move backwards on the walker)
  • His favourite pastimes have not changed, that is Sleep, Eat, Bath and Going Out. (but not for long trips yet)
  • His solids are now 2 meals of rice cereal and 1 meal of mashed sweet potatoes. A very big eater.
  • Would be very quiet and stop whining as soon as you put him on the carrier car seat because he knows that it means “Kai-kai”. If the stroller doesn’t move after too long, he would cry out.
  • Likes to smile whenever we call his name and would be very excited whenever he sees me or Elaine.
Negative things we might wanna look into
  • Dislike adults talking (or not paying full attention to him) while feeding him milk, as soon as he hears/sees me, he would stop feeding and want to play! So me close to him while feeding is a BIG NO-NO!
  • Dislike feeder not talking to him when giving him solids. (Elaine learned that this Tuesday!)
  • Likes to shout a lot, trying to gain our attention as soon as we leave him lying down.
  • When he is given his pacifier, he would pull it out and start licking and biting on the clip of the pacifier holder chain.
  • He would keep staring at your mouth whenever you are eating. Whenever he sees Grandma feeding Nicole he would start calling out.
  • Whenever it is his turn for his solid meals, he becomes rather impatient because while grandma is halfway thru mashing up the potatoes, he have already starting his shouting and whinings.
  • He can easily get frustrated especially whenever he is unable to bite on the teether he is given.
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jazzmint said...

wah he's also vy playful huh, when ppl talk refuse to eat hehehe