Friday, November 9, 2007

My hospitalised niece, Nicole

Today is the second day Nicole is in the hospital. The paed didn't reveal much, he had just told gramdma that it is not dengue and there is nothing too serious about the sickness. The paed told grandma that Nicole's fever is probably due to her swollen eye coupled with her sore throat.

It really sadden me to see the doctor taking Nicole's blood for testing and her struggle really made things much more worse for all :( The A&E doctor couldn't take anything off her although there was 5 of us holding her down, three nurses, grandma and me. Later she decided to call in the paed because she wasn't able to find Nicole's vein.

So we checked Nicole in, to our surprise we were told that TDMC do not take the "yellow" ING Medical Card!!!! Although I am not a rich person but I am really lucky to have credit card with limits higher than what Nicole's ING card is covering her for. (The reason why I got Keith the same thing without the card because I am getting a higher limit for the same price as a lower limit with the card) Anyway I feel that TDMC's room is rather reasonable at RM100 per night for a cot and a bed on a twin sharing basis.

After a check with the paed, we were told to bring Nicole to another room for him to take some blood samples. This time it only took 2 nurse and me to hold Nicole down but the whole process took more than 1/2 hour because for some reason the thing that is used to pump the blood was leaking!!!!! Gosh!! I felt so guilty because Nicole kept wailing for me to carry her and all I can do is console her and assure her that I will take her out as soon as the whole thing is over. (So I bought her some Ribena pastilles and Smarties from the convenience store at the lobby)

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In the evening when I went back with more clothing and necessities for Nicole and Grandma, Nicole was soundly sleeping and she even slept through Keith's yelling when he was excited to see his grandma.

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Despite having fever, a swollen eye and a stopped I.V. (intravenous) Nicole can still be so active and still run around and enjoying herself in the "almost empty" playroom!!!
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And of course Keith wanted to try the toy as well.
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The paed wanted to keep the stopped I.V. so that it would be easier in case they needed to start the drip if Nicole's fever won't come down. Grandma is the one staying in the hospital with Nicole and Nicole's parents is coming to KL today and should be arriving by tonight.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Oh POOR POOR NICOLE!!! I really hope she gets well soon. At least it's not dengue. My prayers are with you all. really, Peter, you have such a big big heart :) if there's anything that I can do, please let me know ok?

Chinneeq said...

this is really bad. seeing nicole's swollen eyes also heart pain. Hope she gets well soon...

jazzmint said...

aiyo...poor thing. it must be really painful trying to find the vein. Myself cant even stand it.

hope she gets well soon

Anonymous said...

aiyoh, so dad la, hope she gets well soon, my prayers for her tonite

michelle@mybabybay said...

Hope she gets well soon!

Tutiger said...

Thanks to all..... I will tell Nicole and her parents of all your well wishings :D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it isn't dengue..but it really pains us (adults) to see kids in pain, huh?

slavemom said...

Glad to hear that she's discharged and active as ever. I know how torturing it is for us to see the little ones get pricked for a blood sample. The way they struggle in pain, looking at us for comfort. But we can't do anything, felt so helpless, jes let the doc draw their blood.