Friday, November 23, 2007

Wedding & Baby season??!

I am really sorry that I have not been able to update my blog much because there is many things that I have to solve and things that needed my extra attention.

Recently we all know that Grandma wasn't happy after Nicole went to Penang but luckily she was willing to follow us to go to work and hang around for a few hours until I am able to take them back when business is a little slower after lunch hours. Keith have been much more sticky with Elaine and I too and he would surely want us to carry him whenever he sees us. He is also beginning to babble "mama" and "papa" occasionally too.

Grandma will be going back to Penang on this Sunday to attend my cousin, Kah Bee's wedding and Nicole's father have allowed Grandma to bring Nicole along too. Elaine and I will have to stay back because we still have to run the business and Elaine's brother is having his wedding a day after Kah Bee's!!! I guess everyone wanted to tie the knot before the "Year of the Pig" ends and some wanted to have a piggy baby. In fact now Keith have got 2 second cousin brothers born in the same year now!!! I dunno about you but most of the babies born this year that I have known were mostly baby boys.

This is the picture of Keith, whom was rather mesmerized by the light ball above him and seems to enjoy munching on his finger while the other hand was holding onto his leg. This picture was taken when he was less whiny in the restaurant.


Bryan's Mama said...

keke his hands so busy!!!!!!!!! people says that those borned in the year of the pig will have a good life. I'll testify to that - my MIL & SIL both very senang one...

Vivianz said...

ahahhaha, keith is so cute. One day should visit your restaurant. Close on which day arr?

JO-N said...

So grandma is going to see Nicole? How nice.

Tutiger said...

bryan's mama: We'll have to see about the good life :P I hope he would :D

vivianz: we're open 12pm-12am and closed on Tuesdays
but this week we're open on Tues and will close on Mon & Tues next week for a wedding function

jo-n Yeah, grandma is really looking forward for it. In fact she intend to travel back on Monday and stay there for a week