Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keith is 9 months old

Early this morning Elaine had to remind me that Keith is 9 months old today but funny thing is she dare not tell it to me verbally while I was carrying Keith. She had to use both her hands and showed me nine while telling me, "Your son is..... today." How superstitious, huh? So I guess there is another quarter to go for his first year!

This is the picture I took today while grandma is feeding him mashed potato.

Height - 67cm
Weight - 7.7kg

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 3 meals of solid
So far he would take all that we have fed him with (Fish, Carrot, Potato, Tofu, Sweet Potato, Porridge and Rice Cereal) Whenever he sees us adults eating he would even call out for us to give him some. The funny thing is he is acts as though he is eating when we feed him an empty spoon!!!!! I guess he likes the process :P

Recently he is less likely to wake up during the night to go out because I guess he is tired out with so many people carrying him around in the restaurant during the day. Even when he is really tired he would not settle down to sleep until we got out of the house with him, only then will he sleep on our chest or the stroller

He now has 8 teeth and would gnaw and lick on almost everything you give him, especially human fingers!!! He would even lick the floor when we position him to crawl :P

He still "baby babble sing" as he is about to fall asleep. He is beginning to say "mama" "ama" "papa" more clearly but only when he is whining :(

Still the turning around when lying on the bed or sofa. He is still doesn't want to crawl and he gets really excited when we hold his hands for him to walk.


  • Likes to observe other older kids around him.
  • Once grandma jokingly became stern with him, he ignored her for almost the whole day, until she tempted him with some cracker!!!!.
  • He is now much more better with whoever is carrying him, sometimes even strangers.
  • When we carry him, it has become more like a passing around game because he is so indecisive whom he really want.
  • I guess he missed the pool. He kept pushing me to walk towards the pool when I took him out for a walk


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

i didn't know 9mths old supersitious? anyway, Keith is getting to be such a big and intelligent boy !! Well done, Keith!

Vivianz said...

why cannot tell the months arR?

jazzmint said...

happy 9 months...haven't got a chance to carry him the last time i saw him

Tutiger said...

bryan's mama: I dun really care abt superstition either. Thanks for the compliments
vivianz: I also dunno but if I am not mistaken, we are not supposed to say the baby's age in front of them wor but I dun really bother of it
jazzmint: Right now he is still carry-able coz he is 7.7kg oni. Sure got chance one