Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another fall sick

This time it is Nicole's turn to fall sick. Her situation seems to get worse and she have to go to the paed three times. She is down with a mild eye infection and stomach upset. The stomach upset have caused her to have a fever that kept coming back.

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***Latest Update***
Today Nicole got admitted to the TDMC, with suspected dengue fever or stomach flu. Lately I have tried my best to try to post up on my blog but I just couldn't find the time as I have to help grandma to care for Nicole. I even have to be the one to carry Nicole when the doctor is attending to her. I will try to update more on this later.


Vien said...

Aiyo! I hope it isn't dengue. My mom had the dengue fever too 2 months back. If it is dengue, let me know, there are some remedy out there you can boil/cook for Nicole to consume. There is no drugs for dengue..the body has to fight it off.

slavemom said...

Gosh.. I hope it's nothing serious. Wishing Nicole a speedy recovery.
Btw, u've been tagged. Take ur time ya.