Friday, February 29, 2008

Keith is 1 year old

Well, like what slavemom commented on my previous post, Keith has finally entered toddlerhood. Despite her forgetfulness and clumsiness, Elaine has been a very wonderful mom because she have been sacrificing a lot of her time in expressing BM for Keith for a whole year already now.

Although we have celebrated Keith's birthday earlier, Grandma insisted in buying a small cake for him for the actual day itself. Sad thing is he vomited when my sis fed him a very small portion. (The M&M Shirt is from Elaine's uncle)

Height - ??
Weight - ??
(I am yet to take him for his MMR jab because it is due after)

His milk intake is still the same at 5.5-6oz of BM in addition to his 2 meals of solid.
He wanted to take whatever we are eating. I have observed that he likes to eat spaghetti and rice, especially fried rice. He has developed a liking to drink from our cups too.

He is able to sleep through the night in his cot. On occasional nights he would be crying in the wee hours in the morning and wanted to be carried by me or watch his favourite Musical CD, I am guessing that it is his phlegm that is causing him to be uneasy.

He still has 8 teeth but Grandma and Elaine told me that they are observing some white spots on his gums. We'll have to keep an eye out soon because I guess it will be 4 canine teeth cuspid this time and possibly some molars too.

He would be calling out "papa" "apa" but he is still unable to address me yet because he would be calling out of the blue. He seems to like to call out "papa" more than "mama". Sometimes he would call Elaine as "papa" and me as "mama". He is able to call out "umm!" for food when he wanted some of our food.

He is able to stand on his own much longer now but he will be frantically be searching for our hands when he is unstable. Despite the fact that he is able to walk a few steps on his own, I guess he is still scared from his previous fall.


  • He still likes to hold onto my ear lobes with his left hand and sometimes poke the end with his right index finger and it really hurts because he kept doing it repeatedly.
  • For now I am on top of his preference list of person to carry him, then comes Mummy, PoPo, Jiu-Jiu (Uncle Jason). But the maid would gain the top preference when he is hungry and wanted his milk.
  • Developed a liking to shout, when he is unhappy, not given what he wanted, not carried or when I switch on the blender!
  • He likes to point at things with his index fingers, especially at pretty girls. Yes, he likes to look and stare at pretty girls. When he is in the mood to let a stranger carry him, he would always choose the prettier one!!!!!
  • He is also able to respond very well to "tim choong-choong", "clap-clap hand", "friend kiss" and "habis"



Sweetiepie said...

hehe!he is so cute.So little already knows to stare pretty!knows how to call papa already.same as my daughter only call papa first.

chanelwong said...

such a big boy now...

slavemom said...

He looked so cute in the last pic. I assume he's doing the flying kiss? But it looked like he was laughing shyly. :)

wen said...

happy birthday!!!!! so when is 2nd one coming?