Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keith's Birthday Celebration

Today Keith is officially one year old but we have celebrated Keith's 1st Birthday earlier on Tuesday, since that day is our day off. We went to Hau Kee Restaurant in Taman Cheras. We decided to go for a small gathering of family members because we didn't have much time to do any preparation, even deciding which restaurant to go to took Elaine until Monday to decide.

For Keith's Birthday cake, We ordered 2 sets of cakes from

One of it was a Tiramisu cake (for the adults) and a set of Toddler Train only (for the kids)

Keith was already wielding the plastic knife as we were getting the stuffs ready.

When we lighted up the candle and sing him his Birthday Song, he seems to be mesmerized by the lighted candle and totally forgot the clap his hands. I have to hold onto his hand because he tried to grab the cake.

His PoPo was so anxious that right after the song she handed Elaine the knife and told her to cut it out, even before we blow the candle. I guess everyone was very excited.

As for the kids' cake, the adults seems to be the one whom were excited about it, as seen in the picture below, look at Auntie May, Yong Jin and PoPo

At the end of the day, I realized that everyone felt uneasy because we all know someone was missing. If only Nicole was around she would surely be very happy to have her own carriage cake of the toddler train.


vien said...

Happy Birthday, Keith!!! Wow, one yr sure passes by fast.

slavemom said...

Happy Birthday to Keith! U're now promoted to toddlerhood. My my... the train cake is really cute.

wen said...

happy birthday Keith!!!! the train cake is beautiful ler!!! ya, hope Nicole will have the chance to celebrate with keith one day..

jazzmint said...

happy bday keith!!! Time really flies :)

chanelwong said...

Happy Blessed Birthday !!!!

JO-N said...

Happy belated birthday, Keith. This is the lovelies cake I have ever seen. I hope I can get one for my little girl too. Where to get, Peter?