Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Keith's Twist, Feeding and my personal message for a friend

Recently Keith has been much more active than ever but sadly I don't quite have the energy to cope, since someone is not co-operating much. Anyway what caught my attention recently is his liking to dance to tunes. He would be twisting if he is sitting down, holding his hands up in the air and shaking them while twisting if he is standing up, jumping if someone is carrying him, do the rowing motion if someone is holding both his hands or twisting his shoulders if he is inside the car.

Dang! I should have taken part in Nuffnang Twister thingy with this.... Too bad Grandma had ordered us not to give Keith any publicity of those competition kind!!! Funny thing is she is ok with the blog idea :P

I am really glad that Keith's wound had healed rather well and the scar is not that obvious. My thanks to all the advises that I got and the well-wishers too.

I have always been wanting to do this but everytime I could not as I needed one hand to hold the bottle. This time I have had the camera ready before his feeding starts. Keith takes 3 of his milk feeding like this everyday!!! Once in the early morning, another in the afternoon/evening and lastly at around midnight.

Recently many unhappy things had happened in my life. I am not using this opportunity to rant about it but instead I am taking this to thank someone really special. This is not the first time I have chatted with a stranger since I have always find it easier to talk that way. You know the "I dunno anyone from your circle of friends and you dunno anyone in mine". I am really glad that I found this special person because we have had many things in common, especially with many relating to our personal lives. We were able to match up with each others going online timing too.

Online friends never really cared on how you look, who you are, rich or not, nor is height a problem! The way true friends really are..... Not that I don't appreciate all my other friends but the trauma would have really driven me insane if not for this person.....
I really to say this:

"Thank you for being there for me.... I really appreciate your support, advice, time, sharing and trust. Most of all, you made me feel that I am not on my own"


wen said...

if it is possible, ensure Keith is awake when he drinks milk, if not a lot of teeth will kaput la

jazzmint said...

wah sleep with the milk LOL.

good that u have a fren that u can talk to over online. i do agree with u sometimes it's good to have online frens :).

reminds me to thank u as well for always listening to my rant kekek

Bryan's Mama said...

Keith is getting more hansem by the day. Like dadi ah? hahaha