Saturday, June 14, 2008

Remote Controlled Cars

Lately I have bought Keith a remote control car and Yes, I know that it is for 3 years and above I would be the one controlling the car and let him chase it or we would do something really bad and use it to scare and chase after the cats. Keith sure liked to play with the remote although he is unable to control the car, I guess he liked to use it to go after cats.

Seeing the fun that Keith and I have had with the remote controlled car, Aunty May's husband, Edward went to buy another set. Sadly he had bought the car of the same frequency and there is no way that we can change the wave and Yong Jin kept wanting to control our car because it is a more powerful and fully charged too. So you've got Yong Jin and Keith (me) trying to control the same car because his parents forgot those rechargeable batteries. Now we cannot play both cars together because the both remotes can control the same car. In fact this has caused our "zero" accident car crashed into the drain a couple times.... eeeewwwww! I know.

From this picture you can see that Keith is rotating the steering control control while Yong Jin is the one pressing on the accelerator moving forward/reverse.

After a while, fun became fear when Yong Jin turned the remote into a imaginary gun. We were all scared by his pose but Keith kept wanting to get close because the car is behind Yong Jin

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