Friday, June 6, 2008

My turn to rant on Petrol Hike!!!

Today is the second day of the petrol hike aftermath!!! I didn't want to do any post on the petrol hike because there has been many news and many rants on numerous blogs on this matter. I didn't want to post anything earlier because I felt that no matter what, the whole scenario is unavoidable. Today I wanted to do this post because I have not read this before in any blogs so I might as well do it (but probably someone I didn't visit might have said it)

There has been many conflicting billion of subsidy paid but as a normal citizen, like everybody else we don't really care about it, since we won't have the authority to question on them neither does the opposition

I really don't quite understand why the government fail to see it from our point of view. Did anyone of you ever known that we have been indirectly covering our own petrol subsidy? You see, whenever we buy our cars we are indirectly already paying for our own subsidy because of the high taxes (now they con us with the term excise duty la) Imagine how much petrol we can buy with that money saved!!!! I wonder when will the government realise that we are not all that stupid and even if they take away the subsidy we can still afford to maintain our livelihood provided they remove the extra we are paying on buying cars. I think it is still a win-win situation because the government can still use the money they made from Petronas while we can afford those better fuel efficiency cars at a lower price.

Did I mention money saved plus interest? Yeah, I think I forgot to mention that the money saved will have to add on interest too because it adds up to make our loan higher too.... Just imagine 10K @ 2.8% for 9 years will add an additional RM2.5K to your loan. Personally I think our excise duty is way more than 10K!!!

I have never wanted to fall into the government "watch out blog" radar but this hike is taking its toll on us parents. Any layman could do the maths.... we pay the car tax/excise duty so we should be getting our subsidy.... from the tax we had paid, what has it got to do with Petronas earnings???? Take the subsidy off, then refund us our money la!!!! And take the excise off the cars!!!!! I think it make good sense to all of us because we need to save money somewhere.... There is absolutely no point that the government keep taxing us on our cars as well as earning off Petronas and keep complaining how much they are subsidizing all of us!!!!

I wonder what would the price of a car and petrol would be when our little ones grow up....

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