Monday, September 3, 2007

Keith's Favourite Time

Keith seems to be exceptionally happy whenever it is his bathing time. He would start squealing happily whenever we start to undress him.

He will start to protest by making unhappy sounds if we take too long to shampoo his head because he only likes to play with the water in the tub (since birth). He would always try to make splashes by hitting his hands or kicking his legs.

He even knew when to close his eyes too. Although I know that it is a natural reflex but I am glad that he knew how to hold it shut tightly.
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He is still kicking and playing even after we wrapped him in a towel.
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As a norm, after dressing him, he would be looking forward for his bottle of milk and would take a nap after that. Not on Tuesdays though, because that is the day he would be looking forward for "kai-kai" after his milk.


Vivianz said...

Hahahhah, great, next time go kai kai with my Naomi yeah handsome boy~ :P this mummy is drooling over this little boy... Hahahahahah

chanelwong said...

i know some kids will not corporate during bathing time.Keith is a good boy..making bathing time fun..

Peridot&Sapphire said...

most baby loves bathing time... right now he just make noise next time he can't wait and refuse to let you hold him in lying position. Watch out as there's possibility that he will crawl into the bath tub by himself, just like what en en did when she's 8/9 months old! haha!

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