Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nicole's Swing

Nicole have had a swing since she was about Keith's age. Her parents and grandma used to put pillow all around her for her to sit on. (I will update a picture of that later on because I have lost those pictures when I reformatted my old laptop.

Recently my sis brought the swing to my place for Nicole to play with. Whenever Nicole sits on the swing and started to swing Keith will stare at her attentively. Grandma kept asking him if he wanted to sit on it.

Look at how she put up one of her legs...... so BECAman leh!!!!! (Sigh! I guess it runs in the family...... my sis and my one or two of my cousins, I know of, used to like to sit like that too when they were small - I still remember that my cousin used to answer to the elders that if she don't take that leg up, she cannot eat so we ended up calling this pose "sitting like a lan chia pek")

BECAman - the trishaw man or the "lan chia pek" Lifting up one leg or squatting while they eat is the common practise of the trishaw man in Penang during the old days when they eat at their favourite stalls which were the ones located in Queen Street and Magazine Road. In fact some of the them still maintain the bench with the additional small wooden blocks, to sit on while squatting on the bench. (Sorry la, no picture because I haven't gone back to Penang for quite a while already) I think I am diverting out of the topic already

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Grandma decided to let Keith try to sit on the swing too and she took some pictures with her phone (that will be the pictures on the right) and I took some today too.
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But of all I like the one below.....
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Her pose is really like her Zodiac....... A MONKEY :P


Anonymous said...

LOL! Aiyo, this uncle ar, called his niece a Monkey. The pics are so colorful. Keith looks so big now.

Tutiger said...

Hahaha..... well she is only the "small monkey" in the house. at least there is another "BIG MONKEY" which is her MUM !!!!! LOL!

jazzmint said... mana dapat, i wanna get 1 at home..but i need a 2 seater LOL..

keith look so happy, like finally i get to sit on it

Tutiger said...

I think my sis bought this from the toy shop in Kimberly Street, Penang. In fact the shop is very near the famous "Kueh Chiap" stall :)