Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keith hurt himself crawling

Last night after we got home, we let Keith move around the house as usual. He would either be walking or crawling around looking for things to play, while us adults do our own stuffs. As I got up from my computer table I saw Keith was crawling towards his mother whom just finished taking her shower and suddenly his hands slipped because of his over-eagerness. His mouth hit the floor of hard mosaics and he cried. Mummy and Grandma tried to console him but he kept crying until I carried him.

As I took him from his mother I saw some blood stains on his bibs and blood was oogling in his mouth too. I told Elaine to look for Bonjela while Grandma went to take some sugar from the kitchen. Sugar was applied first and we manage to take a glimpse of the wound when we wiped it dry. Luckily he had only slightly cut his inner lips with his teeth during his fall. We then apply the Bonjela and after a while he took his pacifier and milk with no problem.

I managed to snap a candid shot of him today, baring all his 12 teeth, you can see the molars are taking shape already at his lower gum. I hope no one would tell Elaine about this picture because she is sure to tell me to take this ugly picture down. I am pretty sure his tiger teeth sure looks very sharp and dangerous.

It is sure tough to care for an active and screaming kid!!!! I am really glad he is ok from the bleed, really felt my heart dropped at that moment.

My sincere apologies, lately I have LHDN on my back. The condition doesn't seem to be very unfavourable to me and it is enough to cause me to have sleepless nights and being moody too.


JO-N said...

Luckily it's nothing too serious. It's sure tough to look after an active child.

jazzmint said...

lucky nothing serious. And can smile like that somemore hehe

KM said...

boys! aren't they amazing?
one minute, they are crying from a fall, then the next, they stand up, wipe their mouth and sweat and tears, and start running around the house like nobody business!!

Bryan's Mama said...

Ok don't worry. Knocking his mouth better than knocking his head! Bryan has had 3 split lips from falling while running. Boys are tough!