Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The beginning of his Adventure

Keith is really beginning to tax Elaine and I of our energy. Since he has began walking on his own, he has began his exploring adventure. We have to always keep an eyes on him because he has always been wanting to get down to the floor and walk around. He also likes to pick up things(dirt) off the floor, opening the drawers and throwing the content(shirts) onto the floor and even moving and poking at the wheels on his strollers.

He also has a habit of poking into the holes, like in the picture below he is fascinated with the holes on my Crocs.

Taking the plate and spoon by himself from the waitress shelf and started knocking them..... very noisy!!!!

He even pakat with Yong Jin to sabotage the TV inside their privacy room in a Japanese Restaurant where we had dinner last evening.

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wen said...

hehe so cute, when is 2nd one coming