Sunday, April 27, 2008

Keith is still sick

This morning he got up very early and was coughing badly again, Elaine and I hardly have much sleep because since our boy kept wanting to sleep with us but he couldn't sleep well, he kept twist and turn in between us. When it is time to go to the paed, I decided that we split cars to have things done faster. I went to do the opening preparation for our restaurant for the morning while Elaine took the ride with my sister, Grandma and Keith to see the paed. Initially I should have Elaine to do the opening with me but knowing that Keith would have to use the nebulizer since the oral medicine isn't working too well because it has been almost a week now.

True enough the paed wanted to administer the nebulizer and according to Elaine, Keith was really horrified of the equipment. He took it so bad that he cried until he almost fall into a fit. After the nasal treatment, he started crying as soon as the nurse told Elaine to go into the room. He was wailing when he saw the doctor for the second time. According to Elaine, the paed was so frustrated with Keith's wailing that he almost quickly usher them out.

Upon reaching the restaurant, he was much more whinier as soon as he saw me. In fact his eyes were still filled with tears. After giving him some milk, we tried to ease him to sleep on our shoulder. Today it is the first time he didn't want us to put him onto the stroller, as soon as we position ourselves to put him onto the stroller, he would be whining and crying already. Even when he was sleeping on our shoulder, we can feel him jerking quite frequently, I guess he really shocked by the treatment.

Later in the evening he was his normal self but being more naughty and more attached too. I have decided against using the antibiotics for now so I will just keep it for spare for the time being since Elaine is still giving him EBM. Anyway I am really glad that he is finally much better and he did surprise me because he had concentrated on a particular short clip called "Jack Jack Attack" that I have downloaded.

Recently I also have a few discussions with Elaine and we have concluded that she will stop giving Keith EBM as soon as he gets well because we felt that EBM is really taxing Elaine and Keith is adapting to Enfagrow quite well too. I am really thankful the he is no longer suffering from CMPA, I really hated myself because I had caused him to suffer from ezcema all over his face during his 1 month due to CMPA.

Anyway advice from those experience mums out there on how to make weaning off EBM much easier for Elaine, especially the engorgement!

This is a picture of Keith playing with the transparent pacifier, which he never liked other than to play with it, it seems more like a teether to him.

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wen said...

hope he gets well soon