Saturday, April 19, 2008

All Ears

I am pretty sure that it is very hard to find someone whom is all ears for you. Sadly we have a boy whom is one and the problem is it is the physical ear that he is interested in. It would be ok if he only held on to your ears. His frequent squeezing, pinching and poking at the ear lobes makes it very painful for us.

The only other person with the similar habit would be my sister. She have had this similar thingy for ears (human and even stuffed toys too) but she would only be touching it when she is about to go to sleep and gradually it wears of as she gets older.

As for Keith he tends to look for ears when his mummy is trying to put him to sleep

Or when he feels insecured.... sometimes just out of bad habit

(this picture is taken by jazzmint - Hey Jazz, thanks for the nice shot)

Sadly I couldn't get any picture snapped of him torturing my ears..... Although I am his frequent victim because I am the one with the camera all the time :P


wen said...

hehehe.. so cute la...

jazzmint said...

haha poor ears

vien said...

Does he do this to anyone's ears..or just ears of love ones? This is too cute!