Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Sei Ngan Mui" 四眼妹 !!!

The other day Elaine wanted to watch some movies but the subtitles were a little too small for her and she told me to look for her short-sighted glasses for her. Those glasses were gathering dust inside the glove compartment of my car because Elaine rarely used them and the last time she used them were close 2 years ago. Sure la don't use much because her correction is only 100+ only ma :P

Then someone whom was going along with me wanted to see what's inside the glasses box, so I opened it and she wanted to try it on.
In this Box is supposed to be a pic. Refresh or click here for a bigger pic

I do realise that almost all of my relatives were wearing glasses. On Elaine's side, it is only Aunty May whom doesn't need glasses. That pretty much says for Keith's possibility :(

Lately we were rather busy in the restaurant so I am not able to do much updates. I have always wanted to do those automatic posts, which will automatically post the earlier prepared post at a specific time, but blogspot is not able to support it so I have to do "on the spot" posts lo. I have tried saving it as a draft but normally getting online to publish the post is also a problem. Any ideas/suggestions anyone?

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jazzmint said...

haha that's sooo cute