Saturday, October 6, 2007

How should we wear his cap?

Last week Elaine and I took Keith to a supermarket and we found a rather cute cap. But we could not agree on how to wear the cap. Elaine insisted in wearing the cap the visor in front, but I am of the opinion that the angle of the visor was a little too low so I think it would look better if it is worn with the visor on the back.

In the end, we did not end up buying the cap but one thing that both of us can agree on is that the cap is really cute, indeed. It features a cat (on the front) fishing a fish (on the back)

Which would you like this cap to be worn? The left or the right picture?
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Look how he stuffed his 2 fingers in his mouth. This is becoming his normal behavior and this is the same case with everything he is able to grab hold of too.


chanelwong said...

i find he look cute and cheeky when he wear the cap the other way round (the left photo)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

i like the right more lah....more "cheng keng" hahah

Tutiger said...

hahaha.... so hard to choose leh :P