Monday, October 15, 2007

Tag: First Letter of Your Name to Asnwer Each Question

I'd received this tag from bryan's mama - thanks dear!

The tag is about using the 1st letter of your name to asnwer the following:

1. Famous Singer : Willard Christopher Smith, Jr aka. Will Smith (Remember Just The Two Of Us?)
2. Four letter word : Will
3. Street : West McMillan Ave, Cincinati, OH 45219 (I have actually stayed there before!)
4. Color : White
5. Gifts/Presents : Water colour
6. Vehicle : Waterski
7. Things in Souvenir Shop : Warship model
8. Boy Name : Wesley
9. Girl Name : Whitney
10. Movie Title : Waterboy (1998) starring Adam Sandler
11. Drink : Water
12. Occupation : Wireman
13. Celebrity : Willard Christopher Smith, Jr aka. Will Smith (I loved the movie, Pursuit of Happyness)
14. Magazine : Women's Weekly
15. U.S. City : Washington D.C or Wilmington, NC
16. Pro Sports : Water polo
17. Fruit : Watermelon (This was the easiest!!!)
18. Reason For Being Late To Work : Was being being blocked by an illegal parked car
19. Something You Threw Away : Waste
20. Something You Shout : What the??!!!
21. Cartoon Character : Wile E.(Ethelbert) Coyote aka "The Coyote", the wolf that always tries to trap Road Runner)

I don't think I wanna pass this tag to anyone because most people that I know have already done this


Anonymous said...

hi keith's daddy, tagged u. would like to have a man's tips on shopping

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

thanks for completing the tag - you made it look sooooooo easy!