Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tag: Four Me

This is the first time I am doing a TAG. Got tagged by duckie
Duckie, I am really sorry to take so long to do this TAG. (Can you imagine he had tagged me on the 25 July!) My sincerest apologies because I really do not know what to do with TAGs :P

Four jobs I have had in my life: (I never wanted to do this because I have never felt that there is anything eventful about it)

  1. Clerk: (Penang) My first full time job. During the bullish market and then all the stocks are in papers and was involved with the starting of the computerizing of the stock exchange delivery and CDS.
  2. Sales Representative: (Penang) Actually I got started as a recond photostat machine salesman for a very short time and immediately got another position in a MNC marketing their food products. Great place to work got involved in many functions and travel. I got to learn how to cook too. Every month I have to travel to KL for our meetings.
  3. Trade Marketing Representative: (KL)This is another sort of an upgrade job for me but this company is part of the one selling those sin stuff but we were never forced to consume it. This company was a really great place to work, especially when you have many great bosses. Sadly many chose to leave the company, as the company is consolidating and they decided to leave despite getting promotions after the take over.
  4. Current job: (KL)Making drinks in a restaurant. Just a fatman behind the counter making drinks. Very boring job but get to spend time online without having to fear that the boss would yell at me because I am a 20% partner (Sadly that is the proportion of share in the restaurant that I have!)
Four of my favourite foods: (I am stuck again, I can easily name you what I dislike!)
  1. Shabu-shabu : Although I hate the boss but I really like having a shabu-shabu meal, especially those tasty Angus Beef or Kobe Beef. I really missed the organic Udon, Kimchi, squid nuggets and Beef Tendon Balls. But the ones I misses most are the staffs!!!
  2. JD Baby Back Ribs : by TGI Friday but not available locally la coz not halal ma :P
  3. Yam Rice : Yup anything that would go along with it, like Bak Kut Teh or Mixed Pork Soup.
  4. Hainanese Chicken Rice : Got to have those original ones since I have a Hainanese wife (Elaine is pure Hainanese like her father (from Johor) and mother (from Tampin) because their parents were from the same town in Hainan!!! The town that is famous for Chicken Rice!)
Four Countries I have been to on vacation:
  1. Singapore: My first time going over the border by myself
  2. Thailand: Used to go there with my mum when I was a kid. I rode Elaine there, we rented a motorbike and ride over, just to have some Thai fried rice, which was really great. She misses it till today :)
  3. Hongkong: Went there a couple of times and twice with Elaine's family.
  4. USA (East Coast): The best experience we have was renting a car and driving from Cincinati, OH to Boston, MA then Manhattan, NY. Can you imagine that we were staying in Brooklyn, NY and was preparing to take the subway to go up the twin towers when 9-11 happened!!!!
Four places I would rather be right now:
Not I am in the restaurant sitting in front of my laptop with many more side works waiting to be done:
  1. Spending time with Elaine and Keith at home.
  2. Going back to the nice motel we stayed at Syracuse, NY.
  3. Back in Penang having some chatty hours with my buddies, of course Elaine got to be there to chat with their wives too :D
  4. Going back to college, I wish to further in my education!
I dun think I wanna pass this since I did this after such an extended period!

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

hey i'm a hainanese too! but me campur with cantonese already lah. I'm obsessed with chicken rice too!