Friday, October 12, 2007

Tag: 5 Posts Link to Keywords

Sharine tagged me. As I have not posted much posts I am doubtful I can complete this tag :P But I'll try anyway


1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.


Link ONE must be about FAMILY: After the CNY Holidays
this one was easiest because I have 20 under that label

Link TWO must be about FRIEND: My Bagpiper Friends
Luckily I did this when Keith went to Penang

Link THREE must be about YOURSELF: My Chinese Name and My Alma Mater
I rarely talked about myself specifically, I guess

Link FOUR must be about YOUR LOVE: Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!!!!!
She doesn't really quite like the idea that I talked about her online

Link FIVE can be ANYTHING YOU LIKE: The 37" LCD TV from MBf
Not quite what I really liked to do but at least it is something I like to get!!

Tag goes to:

  1. Bryan's Mama
  2. Mummy to Qiqi
  3. Duckie (Sue Yi's Dad)
  4. Vivian (Naomi's Mum)
  5. Mommy to Chumsy
I really dunno who to tag !!!!
And I hope I am not double tagging anyone.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

hehe... I enjoy reading your links... left comment in some posts too!

Bryan's Mama said...

hihi, thanks for the tag. However I've been tagged already. haven't done it yet cos I don't know how to link my posting to my answers - me IT idiot savant lah.

btw i tagged you hehe

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hehehe..thanks for the tag but I've done it b4 :D

Tutiger said...

mommy to chumsy Adui.... so sorry

Mummy to QiQi said...

Peter, kau tim liao here

5 for u here so that u dont have to browse thru the archieve one by one :)